The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!

Opublikowany 30 lip 2020
It's that time again! Time to take a deep dive into the mundane to see what we can learn. Join me as we look at this sprinkler!
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  • I wanna put a face on the thing, adorable🤌🖐

  • After xxx counterclockwise returns, the top part came off. Luckily watching this video at 1:46, I turned it upside down to expose the threads to screw it back on and tighten it.

  • Anyone know where he got that awesome shirt?

  • Wow this is awesome information. I really enjoyed watching it. 😎🤩🤩🤩

  • 7:48 I have that exact hammer lol! I've had it for years, early 90s maybe? My parents kinda gave it to me when I was a kid since it's a relatively small hammer. I still use it here in 2021 lol.

  • This gentleman is entertaining and wow intelligent, brilliant and humorous, highly verbal and intellectually honest, and fascinating and personable. I just wanted to learn if I had to have a good deal of high pressure coming from my hose to power an impact sprinkler. I'm not even sure what a high degree of pressure means - just that I have well with fairly minimal water pressure that supplies a moderate amount of water before going dry, only to replenish 24 hours later. I probably have to measure the amount of land I want to water and so much more, but I'm not sure of anything more about that pressure needed question other than I now know a lot more about how an impact sprinkler works and maybe I know that this sprinkler has the effect of ramping up the pressure coming from the hose and dispersing water on land. I think. This was a fascinating video even if the sprinkler doesn't increase the water pressure for water delivery. I don't even care about that now. I think. Maybe. This speaker is simply fun to watch as he is to well able to motivate one to absorb as much knowledge about something as possible. I'm in for subscribing! I know.

  • Auntie clockwise

  • I will forever remember the sounds of impact sprinklers. When I was little, my parents would spend the summer vacation in italy, tuscany to be exact. On the way there, in the summer heat, I would ALWAYS hear these guys. It has been at least 15 years since I have been there. But the memories, I still have them.

  • Pretty cool

  • The musical definition interludes are unnecessary

  • I’m going admit something every one can agree on this guy knows his stuff and sometimes you get a hint he is like the rest of us with just 4 words explaining the cylinder water sprinklers he called it “The holy stick thing” was amazing and shows you he is human and funny as because i guarantee he would have looked up what it was called

  • I love you

  • Anyone here thinking Splatoon?

  • Spongebob sprinkler

  • How can you fix a sprinkler that starts spinning but gets stuck, (apparently, always at the same point), no matter in which direction? (obviously with the reversal lever up and out of the way) Thanks in advance, and thanks for the informative video.

  • Greetings from St. John’s Newfoundland on the far east coast of Canada. Just wanted to say, that was an epic sprinkler impression LOL

  • Arm works


  • the piece has a dampening effect lol

  • They are fascinating. I own three of them.

  • I'm not sure that I've ever seen a grass sprinkler in the UK. 😅

  • I love this video, your yard did too!

  • Thanks, have been wondering how those things work for years.

  • Great episode! I too have always been fascinated by impact sprinklers.

    • Remember the Spongebob episode where he doesn’t want to grow up?

  • "You can make them just go in circles, like most online arguments." LOL!!!

  • This is fast becoming my favourite channel

  • I love your T-shirts. Especially the Trintron.

  • As I wait for an ambulance, this video is keeping me calm... Cheers Alec

  • You had a problem with armature, but used the term 'directional changy bit'?

  • With every video, you shine a light on things I'd never even stopped to question the workings of. Thanks for answering questions I didn't even know I had! Keep it up :)

  • I love all the all the pun jokes. Please never change!

  • “For this video’s educational tax write-off i installed a full sprinkler system”

  • Being in retail for irrigation already gave me this knowledge but it was very interesting to hear a scientific point of view

  • It's the middle of winter here, yet I am going online to buy a sprinkler. Just like this one. I'll admit right now, I need help.

  • Mechanical transistors

  • Putting the "armature" thing made it much more noticeable every time you said "armature"

  • Me at 2am: I should go sleep now PLtools: wanna learn something about sprinklers?

  • Wow, I always wondered how this works!

  • How has this video managed to hide from me until now? I’ve watched nearly every video but the one about impact sprinklers is the one PLtools hides? I LOVE impact sprinklers

  • And since i haven't seen that so far: jumpscare warning 2:14

  • 0:55 "t--t--t--t--t--t--t--t--" 0:59 "t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-"

  • well, I like these sprinkler sounds...

  • This guy. I swear he is is answering all the questions I didn’t know I wanted answered

  • "More simpler."

  • Honestly, word change meanings all the time, I'd love to accept his as a new use for armature.

  • Whats an ‘electronical’

  • I'm not sure you all armature enough to get this joke

  • Instead of "armature", you could've just used "arm".

  • Damped != dampened, although in this case, we have both.

  • You have precisely the correct amount of snark.

  • Can You please make a video about the Impact Drilly thing

  • Appendage maybe

  • Your videos inspired me to get into a trade

  • I have a fancy one of these with two nozzles!

  • Why aren't these used with traveling lawn sprinklers (that would cost far less than the thousands of dollars several manufacturers want).? I have a very large lawn and would like something I could "set and forget.."

  • How much James Burke have you seen

  • I love impact sprinklers but I never thought anyone would make a video on this and I'm so glad you did!

  • Funfac: tin German, "Armatur" means "tap" or "faucet". So kinda on topic here.

  • “this is a technology”

  • The fact that the armature makes the thing THAT IT'S PART OF rotate is in a way perpetual motion... Just very Slow.

  • My dad always jokes about the sound of those by saying it sounds like (unintentional racism warning) "Spick spick spick spick nigga nigga nigga nigga"

  • Most other sprinklers have several small openings. One of the important features of this device is that the water opening is very large. These devices were first designed to be used on farms with dirty water supplies. The single large opening means that the mechanism will resist getting clogged by debris in the water supplied to it.

  • If there is such a thing, this guy was BORN with a library of dad jokes already installed in his head.

  • Seems like you've explained almost how everything in the world works. Can't wait for your explanation on how paint dries.

  • Hooray on mechanics! And like always, thank you for sharing your techie very detailed explanations ⭐👍🏻

  • The Rain Bird sprinkler is very effective at sprinkling well water that could be contaminated with.... contaminates. Unlike the holey arm thing it won't get plugged.

  • Its great seeing the video that got me into this mess back in my recommended about a year after subscribing

  • Interesting. These things have been around for a very long time and I never once looked at one up close. I did however want to know how they returned and now the mystery is solved thanks to you. And I'm not being sarcastic.

  • Gear driven sprinklers are essentially tiny water engines and they are awesome.

  • Hey! I use Bosch tools as well!!!! I love them

  • Ok, one guy got really wet, developing, and perfecting this design. His water bill was outrageous. If only youtube and gopros existed back then.

  • Glad I live where, for 38 yrs, never had to water the lawn, can't keep up with the grass. Thank goodness for rainy climate zones.

  • “It’s easier to see.....because you can see it”. If you try to overthink that, you’re in for some sleepless nights! I’m a very recent subscriber to this channel, I don’t recall how I found it, and it took me about 10 minutes into the first one I saw, for me to “get it”. Andrew, (it is Andrew right? I can’t check or I’ll lose what I’ve written so far, because I’m casting PLtools to my television, and you are even more compelling when viewed on a larger than 4” screen, but I digress...) Maybe Andrew, you have an amazing gift, an ability to teach and explain, with few gimmicks and little flash, everything from complicated electro-mechanical configurations (I’ll never again play a song on a jukebox, without an expression of slack-jawed amazement) that defy and shred and knowledge I might have had about ‘how things work’ to arguably simple things like the law sprinkle here, that if you asked anyone if they knew how it works I’m sure would answer yes, with a snort, it’s a frickin sprinkler dude, not a microwave oven. (That response references one of the reasons I’m no longer invited to parties,) I like to ask people about things they use everyday, if they ACTUALLY know how it works. And microwave ovens are always my opening act, telephones are another....never television because until I watched your video about how analog TV worked, I didn’t really have a clue, and it’s obsolete now, and I never figured out why or how those little people got in my teenage CRT tellie with its rabbit ears and 3 sometimes 4 channels. Which astounds be because as a child, I had more than my fair share of tearful Boxing Days (that’s the holiday the day after Christmas that is celebrated in Canada, originally a more philanthropic version of America’s Black Friday) because most toys Santa brought on Christmas were subjected to me taking them apart to see how they worked, then not being able to put them back together again on Boxing Day, forcing my father to come up with some crazy story about how this toy just fell apart and point to my now manufactured but no less compelling tears, as evidence of corporate malfeasance. Of course the story had to be tuned somewhat because Santa brought the toy Daddy, why are we in Woolworths? Your humour has just the right amount of irony, intelligence and Midwest common sense to make your videos not only entertaining, but truly informative. Just exposing us to how the laws of physics and nature are harnessed and manipulated by some brilliant men and women to enhance our lives is worth the price of admission. I must have binge watched 10 hours of your videos last week, until my internal hard drive was flashing a 404 in front of my eyes. But I’m back at it today. Congratulations, you’re the boss.

  • So if not armature then what is it supposed to be called?

  • simply complex

  • I love you

  • I have absolutely no use for this knowledge yet I still enjoyed this video immensely!

  • Regarding your armature interjection I have but one thing to say: ...does anybody want a peanut?!

  • hahahah! that last scentence followed by that ubercorny tune.. _yes_ edutainment is fun, and _yes_ "low tech" deserves a spotlight (and bigger one might add) and _yes_ you've actually grown funnier with the seazons, but come on! get on with it already! why are you sitting there reading this while you could be making ... ehm .. oh yes. excuse me, point taken. Thanx

  • I am impressed. You have a book about Scotch and you are using Bosch Professional tools.

  • but what about round cakes?!

  • I bet that odd visual wobble to the left of the sprinkler was the camera trying to do some sort of stabilization and was confused by the motion of the sprinkler. This happens frequently with phones

  • *Armature!* I can't stop thinking about it.

  • I wish we still had human ingenuity, these days 'ingenuity' is just pushing the 100th iteration of something to github it seems. The people who created devices like this were crazy innovators.

  • So that's how they make the mumble rap beat.

  • Ur like me

  • "So the next time you hear the *irrigating* sound of an impact sprinkler, just remember that it's really *quite* clever." oh this script writing is top notch

  • **sees the bit about having the 'I don't think that means what you think it means' conversation with himself** **immediately browses comments out of blind curiosity to see how many people told him off anyway**

  • This is weirdly similar to gunsmithing

  • I was disappointed that you didn't include The Simpsons' Milhouse sprinkler impressions scene: PS, I saw you were at 999K subscribers. I finally subscribed with the hope that I pushed you over a million. I did not. :(

  • Clever fontplay in the thumbnail.

  • P cute tuber here

  • Already know how they work, but here I am watching you explain it anyway.

  • "that was a dumb joke" I like your humor

  • I really enjoy his humor. Contrasting his technical vocabulary with natural language ("hole-y stick thing") is endlessly entertaining to me.

  • Why is the thumbnail so hilarious to me?

  • 1:00 is there a name for this kind of brief, blank stare you give after gags sometimes? It fascinates me way too much and I promise I'm not a big weirdo. Well not that kind

  • (man floods an entire town trying to understand how an impact sprinkler works)

  • i can't express how much i love this series of videos - even when the explanations are too complex for me, i love the subtle humor enough to hang in there. I think this guy might get me to finally do the patreon thing for the first time. hrrrm.... did he do a video on how to do the patreon thing? I'm at a loss....

  • Malfunctioning impact sprinkler = Circle jerk.