Fans; High is next to Off on purpose

Opublikowany 12 maj 2020
This video is absolutely fantastic.
Ever wonder why it goes Off-High-Medium-Low? Well, it has to do with motors and the ways we cheat with them.
Are you wondering what the heck a selection accumulator is? Well, it's the brain of an electromechanical jukebox!
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  • Good gravy are there just so many motors out there. Like brushless DC motors which are absolutely cool in their own right! Therefore I just want to put up here that you should _definitely not_ go thinking that all motors work like this, because many don't! In fact, the universal motor? One of the reasons those are still so common despite their (relatively) shorter life is that they create *gobs* of starting torque on their own. An induction motor would be absolutely awful for something like a power tool with its poor starting torque, unless you went real fancy with a VFD and stuff. It's all about what's best for what purpose!

    • @Seth Watson wow! It took roughly 10 mins but it worked!

    • not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal account hacker :)

    • Why are the subtitles in Japanese?

    • So, if I, Russian guy, understand correctly, American fans have annoying controls because American power grid is underpowered. Did I understand correctly?

    • @Michel Joseph Cardin controlled obsolescence

  • Excellent! Motors such as the shaded pole are not at all easy to explain so great work!

  • My microwave fan used shaded pole motor

  • Huh. And here the cynic in me just assumed it was just a way to squeeze a tiny bit more power usage out of you when you go to turn it off.

  • The 'you could just give it a push' made me actually snort with laughter

  • You've got a great channel. But you already know that. I love how you throw in little comments/notes anticipating outside commentary. Cheers.

  • 1:58 motors which are winding coils, that can be used for motors that can be used for winding coils, that can be used for motors that can be used for winding coils, that can be used for motors that can be used for winding coils, that can be used for motors that can be used for winding coils, that can be used for motors that can be used for winding coils,

  • tl;dr, it requires more force to start something moving than to keep it moving thanks to the principles of static vs. kinetic friction. And on an AC motor with 3 phases, you will need all 3 phases to start it as you don't know the position the blade is stopped at, but can drop to a single phase to keep it moving assuming the bearings aren't totally shot.

  • I thought I was your biggest fan?

  • Me: [looks at my own fan] Dial: “0 1 2 3” Me: [feels left out]

  • "For household fans, which may need to run for days at a time..." Sure, "days" *laughs in desert*

  • me looking to the side and see that my fan goes from 0-3-2-1... but i can go from 0-1 because its button press not a knob

  • As a man of the cold, northern Scandinavia, America's excessive use of fans and air conditioners always surprises me. It's like "bitch just open your window"

  • Pets. If you have pets it's common for hair to get stuck in the axle behind the blades and slows it down or straight up wont let it turn

  • Got it, magic

  • What really annoys me is people that call engines, motors. Most Motorcycles are Engine Cycles.

  • This guy is like Andy Rooney meets Nr Wizards world.

  • "Before we figured out air is a fluid" We... have?

  • I have a desk fan that goes Low Med High

  • You should talk about how non-aerodynamic fan blades are for the vast majority of fans.

  • Is that how fans work in America?? In Australia it has the settings all around the wheel not only on one side

  • Hey! I thought my son was your biggest fan!

  • This guy is like Dr. Disillusion minus the irritatingly mindless banter. I can watch this without getting disuaded.

  • My fan (AUS) it goes OFF, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH

  • What does this mean for overhead fans that are often set the same way when turned on/off?

  • So you're a fan of fans...

  • I used to stand right behind the fan and yell SHAWTYYY

  • 7:38 not quite right. it may reach synchronous speed whilst still having a phase shift 'slip'. if it was not reaching grid phase 'speed', slip would be varying and even changing sign occasionally causing tq spikes in opposite directions,

  • Y'know alot of your fans will appreciate this video. *I'll walk my self out...*

  • This queen is too annoying.

  • wait, your fans aren't combustion driven?

  • Seriously, never seen something like this. Am I the only one who always had fans wich just had buttons one for each of the different speeds? You could start at slow or whatever...

  • I may not be that smart but i like this

  • what

  • My Pelonis fan, yes Pelonis hate its name has Off, Low ,Medium, and then High setting....

  • Please do a video of why you can hear the current pass through an electric motor, especially when it's stalled. I have a bunch of power tools with brushless motors and if you give it just enough power, you can keep it stalled (I don't do that a lot) and it makes a whining sound different to the fan (same sound, higher frequency) and I've always wondered what caused it since nothing is moving

  • 4th Video I see of this guy and I can't really make sense of it. They are quite informative, interesting but the presenter is like a meme that knows of itself but stays super serious about it while also provocatively adds a cringeworthy moment from time to time all while talking in the manner of hugbees in the how it's made videos, so I'm not sure if all the information is true or not

  • Por qué estoy viendo esto después de 72 horas sin dormir? Mierda, mañana tengo que trabajar...

  • Every fan I have ever seen simply had 4 buttons - off, low, medium, high. Although any of them can turn it off with a light press.

  • I know why, because it's hard on the motor to start like that and can short out if it doesn't spin

    • Yay I was right

  • Your voice IS GIVING ME A HEAD-AKE

  • My stove is that too

  • I have never noticed this.

  • I've been wondering why high speed was next to off for ages and now I know!

  • I watched this entire video- and loved every second of it.

  • High is next to off because it has the lowest resistance.

    • Thank you so much. I was pretty certain that was the answer, but I wasn’t going to watch the video. When electrical appliances first turn on the electrical load is actually 2 to 3 times higher, for a very short millisecond. Just in case anyone else is here, not watching the video.

  • My fan in my room goes like this: 0, 1, 2, 3.

  • Fans still start fires so keep them clean.

  • Feel like you've REALLY dumb down your channel and I dont like it. AC electricity does not pulse on and off, it pulses back and forth. Positive and negative, no offs. Change your relative position to the current and its pulsing "on" in either direction. Also, a single phase of AC does a complete circle, it can be proven so with a circle, a line and a graph

  • That's interesting. I always thought it was a safety feature in case the motor started malfunctioning at high speeds, so instead of having to downshift it, you could kill it immediately.

  • Hey I don’t have “fans” get it

  • Did you really need almost 20 minutes to explain this?

    • Imagine how much was edited out....

  • spinning magnet? wait, does that mean the Earth is an engine?

  • Nine minutes on 2x for something that takes one sentence? I get interested and have to wait like hell

  • Decepticons are transformers, they are the evil counterparts to the autobots.

  • Just put a disclaimer on a fan that says.. give fan a push if stalled.... Or let's your house will burn down and void the warranty.

  • Never seenn'a fan liek dat

  • If you pause at 9:55 and read the caption on the top left the red a blue circle moves in your peripheral vision lol

  • This video could have been a lot shorter

  • Liberace talking motor-starting techniques.

  • What, Decepticons aren't transformers? That's erasure!

  • I'm sorry is this some american joke I'm too 230V to understand?

  • Interesting. While all you said is true, I never noticed such setup in Poland. Why? Plenty of todays fans (made in China) have push buttons, and you can start whatever speed you want. Stall ... I've seen this only once, and it happened not at start, but in later work. This old fan hat a lot of friction in its bearings. Todays motors are better? Once I've measured another fan. Current in stall (fan blocked by pencil) was not much different from normal work. So maybe it's safe, and when customer buy another fan ... it's better for industry. :-) I refer to free standing fans, ceiling fan is difficult to change, so this simple trick can improve customer satisfaction a lot.

  • 0:59 nice kmart whisper fan. I got one to but it's blue not bage.

  • 3) And a heck of a lot shorter.... The 3 is a higher current imposed on the fan motor which provides a much higher force against the static friction and can push it into the dynamic friction of the rotor shaft. After all F_s >> F_d... from physics. PS.... In single phase motors, you won't have one set of poles like he kept showing, you would have 3 pairs and that helps greatly on preventing a stall.

  • i had to give up half way thru, did he ever get to why the highest speed is next to off?

    • I assume so. I couldn’t waste my time for the video. Mainly because it shouldn’t take 20 minutes to explain. Partly because I already know the answer. There is a good explanation a couple comments before your, if you sort new, here is a simple explanation; when electrical appliances turn on there is a very short period of time that the current is twice as high in the load. This causes a lot of extra heat. If the fan starts moving heat is dispersed. To get a fan form stationary to pushing air(moving) requires the most resistance on the blades, more than any other time. so if the current is not high enough to push spin the fan around to the other side of the motor(motors consist of magnets that are flipped between north and south paired with copper wires that deliver the current. If the pole doesn’t switch from north to south then it is just heating up and the heat has nowhere to escape. This means that if the motor is stalled for too long then the contact which delivers power to the load will significantly heat up until one of the wires begins to glow red. That in turn can and will cause a fire. The cheapest way to prevent that is by having the the higher setting (which delivers more current) at the first on setting. The reason that it won’t freeze up is because the more current is capable of moving a load that is under higher resistance. I hope that made a tiny bit of sense. More current will move the fan faster, but if the fan is not moving more current will fry various components. However if the current is high enough it will move the fan and the heat is then dispersed.

  • "that's a story for a different time". ... yay can't wait

  • This guy is so delightfully nerdy. I love it

  • This is way too complicated. While there are different types of motors and phases etc, the bottom line here is starting current. Generally, an electric motor that is stationary has a momentary high current draw when the power is turned on and before it gets up to speed. If the supply voltage is limited, say by a speed controller, the motor will be slow to start, causing the motor to draw high current for longer and get hot. This may cause the coils to burn out, shorten the motor's service life or trip the breaker. The simplest and cheapest way to prevent this is to have the switch go off, Hi, med, low. That means switching through high first, even for a split second, gets the motor spinning quickly, avoiding heat damage to the motor. There are other solutions but these require more electronics, increasing manufacturing costs and raising the consumer price. Cheap = simple.

  • On my latest cheap 8" fan you can turn the switch either direction and it rotates 360 plus degrees. so from off you can go high medium low off, or low medium high off. Watching the video reminds me of why I'm a mechanical engineer and not electrical. I can visualize whirled peas, but not whirled electrical currents! Maybe if I watch this everyday for like a few months....ok a few years, it will finally start making sense...ok it won't ever make sense, but maybe I'll be able to work out a few things related to it! Thanks for the video! But here's my question about a ceiling fan that has stopped working for a second time. The first time it got where it would just run on low. I fixed that briefly by putting a new capacitor on it, but probably in less than a year it quit working at all. Any suggestions about what the new or actually problem is and how to fix it other than buying a new fan?

  • My wife and I have that exact purple fan from 20 seconds in. It is pushing air around as we speak (or rather as I talk to text).

  • Note to self: not once in this video are the words 'twerk,' or 'twerked' uttered.

  • 14:27 you just going to throw shade at us so casually

  • 14:27 - Ouch, that's a self burn if I've ever seen one.


  • As a teenager in English Composition class I decided to write a technical manual for the teardown, maintenance, and operation of our school's ancient theater lighting system. It was a perfect excuse to cut class and hide in the auditorium. The first time I took the plate off that covered the three power rails, I was expecting single phase, but quickly discovered with my voltmeter that it was 208 volts AC between any two of the three rails. It blew my mind (fortunately that's all it blew). I can't remember if I asked my dad about three phase power, or I may have actually reverse engineered the situation from what I was measuring: it was probably within reach of my imagination as a young electronics geek.

  • 'they make your voice sound funny when you talk through them...' me: SOLD!!!

  • "Fans, it's what's for dinner." -Technology Connections

  • Very informative

  • "My Name is Eugene, I'm a cool dude in a loose mood and stick my hands in fans for fun!" 1970's disco song by Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed it (Huge Smile). Thank you for fun educational content! You really need to listen to this song.

  • The fan knobs I saw went both ways. Basically 1 0 3 2 2 3 0 1

  • This isn't true. I've never seen a fan that goes like this, it's always 0,1,2,3. Also the fans with remotes are this way too. I've never heard of 0,3,2,1 until today.

    • Dude seriously? Every single fan that I have ever owned is seriously like that. I just did a google image search to find the ones you are talking about and I didn’t see them. However I did see one that was 012340. So you could turn it off from 4, or from 1. I suppose that is close enough. My mind is blown. I want an omnidirectional fan knob.

  • where have i heard this voice before it sounds familiar

  • PLtools recommend you to me and I'm do thankful they did. My wife calls me boring but I'm a fan of this type of content.

  • i just turned 25 but this is my favorite educational after school program

  • And I thought I was the only who noticed

  • How old did he say that fan was?

  • "This here is my biggest fan" will always be my favorite pun

  • Too long didn't watch -- it starts on high because it won't spin as well and can possibly stall if you want the fan on low and start it as low. The motor has less stress starting on high and letting moments spin the fan until it hits it's low speed.

    • @Dante-1321 20 minutes for something that took my engineering professor 30 seconds to explain, and the class 5 minutes to understand is WAY TOO LONG! That being said, there is nothing wrong with my attention span. I watch 12 hour live streams, in full (one sitting) sometimes. I watch 2 hour normal videos as well, in full. The problem is that this video took a simple explanation and stretched it 15 minutes longer than they should’ve. If I was a betting man I might say that the reason that most people didn’t seem to have a problem with that is because the video is filled with all sort of subliminal mind controlling attention grabbing techniques. Bells and whistles and blinking lights.

    • Dude 20 minutes isn't long, you just have the attention span of a sugared up five-year-old.

  • In the UK there are often buttons each with a different number and your press the button with the right number on it (I have a fan like that and that's what I've seen the most in places like classrooms, offices public buildings and other people's houses)

  • This video made my subscribe.

  • I encountered (and owned) one brand of fans where they didn't put high next to off which would be the Walmart mainstays brand. They put low next to off and high last and what they basically did was that they reversed the order of the speeds that a normal fan uses. I just wanted to share this and let you know that.

  • Got an old push button box fan. Only medium works.

  • My cheap Mainstays fan from Walmart has the lowest speed, 1, next to off. If I want to run it on that speed it will start but not be up to that speed right away. So I usually turn it up to get it going good then put it down to speed 1. And they forgot to stamp the 3 on the fan so it looks like a 2 speed fan but it is 3.

  • Never seen 0-3-2-1 in Europe .... always 0-1-2-3 even on digital remote units.

  • “These look a lot like transformers, and indeed act like transformers but they’re actually deceptions.” MAGNIFICENT!

  • Only a youtuber can make a 20 minute video about a 10 second answer.

  • The average home doesn't have two phases available in their breaker panel, they only have one, but it's split into two. 220 is single phase power.

  • Does this have anything to do with the really old airplane where they spun the front... thing by hand, I wonder...

    • @TWhite97 Thanks! I have always wondered why they needed to do that

    • propellers. And no, not really. There is no electric motor in a prop plane. Pulling the prop on a plane just gets the combustion engine to start spinning

  • I have always wondered about this, thanks for explaining. Honestly, I think you are the best kind of nerd. Thank you!