Cassette adapters are remarkably simple

Opublikowany 13 lip 2020
It's a real lost opportunity that we didn't call these Cassettepters. It's not-at-all difficult to say! OK, maybe Cassepter would be easier but isn't that, like, a sword or something? The descriptions are getting weird.
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  • could this be done in a USB-to-floppy-disk format? it's still a digital signal going to magnetic film, but idk how the read heads in a floppy drive work. I'm just visualizing the same basic structure but instead of an audio jack it's a female USB cable where you can plug a thumb drive. cuz you know transferring data to 25 year old win95 laptops or ancient computers is such a common task today with no other solutions, /s. (the drivers would never make sense of the filesystem would they, oh well it's an amusing mental image. I still think some "fungineering" youtube channel should try for the lulz though).

  • The subtle ICP reference was 🔥

  • I had one of those 😂

  • 0:38 TechDiff reference?

  • I've owned a dozen or more of these over the years. My main issue with them is that the cable only lasts a few months in most cars, especially the ones that auto-eject when you turn them off. Due to this I've moved over to use one of the FM transmitter ones instead but the quality is noticeably worse. Found the cassette adapter mp3 player thing on Amazon Canada for around $40:

  • Someone has to do this with HDMI and VHS

  • Oh man, I have been confused by magnetic tape for so long, thank you for explaining it so succinctly. And that bluetooth adapter, my god.

  • You should do a video on modern tape standard which is used in servers LTO tapes

  • I wanted to know how friggin tapes worked, but I did not want to hear from a scientist. I'm glad my head was not filled with lies; i would have been pissed

  • I didn't expect an ICP reference. But ok.

  • When he said 96 civic 👀

  • These adapters don't work all that well because the tape head is shaped like a D and so is the head in the adapter. They are only close together in the center, but curve away from each other on the sides, so the magnetic coupling is weak. The adapter should be an "inverted D" to couple better. It might work to have a small I-shaped ferrite wedge glued on the adapter to span the air gap better.

  • Has anybody already mentioned that the two magnetic heads form a trasformer?

  • Unpossible?

  • I actually use one of these in my 2003 car

  • Personally I hate this channel and his voice/vibe is so irritating but I’m too curious to not watch

  • You should do a video on those bluetooth to fm transmitters that work in that sad era of cars that had neither cassete nor aux. I've got a 2006 tacoma that only has a cd player but that little device works great

  • You need to recharge batteries for the Bluetooth version? I would have loved to see it harvest power from the spinning reels instead.

    • @An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd fast forward! (Or rewind)

    • They would have to spin at a much higher speed than a tape deck turns at during playback mode though.

  • It is possible to make a digital music cassette? Like without tape on it but containing a digital album?

  • The people who are really suffering are the ones who have players old enough that they don’t have an auxiliary input but new enough that they don’t have a tape deck either

  • I would love to watch the video you shared on the topic of audio equipment, especially the casette, I have also collected some old cassettes and shared them on the following channel: Hope everyone to visit, thank you everyone!

  • Lmfao

  • So dope

  • Im always amazed at how we figured out hownto do stuff like make cassettes, like who figured out that you can use magnets and iron on tape to capture voice. Wild man

  • I have a 94' Corolla and have tried a number of these but I always run into that problem of the tape constantly getting "flipped" by my tape deck despite the mechanism of the adapter working fine

  • 7/10 needs more run time

  • I just use a bluetooth radio transmitter. Pair it with your phone, set the frequency on your radio, and you're good to go. It's slightly bigger than the lighter socket it plugs into, and costs about the same as a bluetooth cassette.

  • I like your funny words magic man.

  • @ 7:41 - A google search for "cassette with built in mp3" or "cassette shaped mp3 player" will find it.

  • Walmart use sell those in aux cord version and there is one that was Bluetooth

  • I people wonder why I wish my old car had been a bit older and had a tape player instead of a cd player. I wasn't new enough to have even an aux in port, but it wasn't old enough to have a tape player. All it had was CDs (and no bluetooth, duh).

  • Interesting video. I'm surprised that cord coming off of the "cassette" doesn't hinder how it fits into the cassette deck. I always wondered how these worked, and although I have more cassettes than anything else, I may consider purchasing one of these for the CDs I do have.

  • Fun fact i have been using One to conect my phone to the auto-Radio of my car 😯

  • well I found the cassette with a built in MP3 player, the listing is still on amazon but forever out of stock.

  • 2011 Lexus ES was the last car model sold in the US with a cassette player.

  • How it works: you put it in ... that's it !

  • Best tech channel!♥️👍

  • @Technology Connections Well I need this for CD xD

  • Hipster cred ! you’re the best

  • I went from cassette car adapter to a Bluetooth charger

  • Great review but you forget to talk about the head on this mutants, some of them are monophonic, in some cases same audio in both channels and the worst only works one channel.

  • Lol not groove

  • Imma be honest, I have no idea what he’s saying outside of the literal definition of the words yet I am still absolutely amazed by all the information I’m not learning.

  • Imagine connecting cassette player to it

  • Did anyone have one of these in their car that worked for longer than 3 months?

  • One thing he didn't mention was that the tape contains 4 separate audio channels. Two for left and right audio channels when the tape is on side A, and the other two for when you flip the tape around to side B. The head only aligns with two of the channels, allowing you to flip the tape around to hear different music.

  • 1:00 That's a nice insane clown posse reference.

  • 0:37 Please tell me that you took the universal sign for CD Walkman from Citation Needed!

  • next time try different tmbg album shirts for EVERY cut

  • Last time I saw a car being sold with a cassete player was like 20 years ago ?

  • Bruh was that an Insane Clown Posse reference?

  • Dammit, I love this channel!

  • What about cassette adapter mp3 player

  • I would rather play a well maintained Sony walkman via Bluetooth since I don't have an auxiliary port in my 2020 Hyundai Palisade. I have tons of tapes from 35 to 40 years ago that still sound good. I don't like converting them to mp3 files since they lose something, at least to me they do.

  • That wardrobe change in to opener had me tripping

  • Now if only I can find one that works with toyotas

  • He jokes about putting it in on my 96 civic, jokes on him, my civic is an 86!

  • These cassettes evolved again??!!?!? Never knew there was a Bluetooth variant. Lmao. Bro thats dope. I use the fm radio/bluetooth transmitter thing these days sometimes. I dont have a car with cassette. But back in the day as a kod me amd my brother used them woth our ipods in our parents cars and whatnot. But back then Bluetooth was in its infancy. Barely utilized when it came out.

  • Interesting. I'm surprised I never heard of these adapters, since I was heavily into cassettes up until I bought my current car in 2016. Now I can play all my music off a USB drive. The only downside is that I can't do a playlist -- the stereo in my car only plays the songs in alphabetical order, or random.

    • @raydunakin That's what I'm saying, you should buy a cheaper Android phone dedicated to car music. You could setup playlists however you like

    • @Tyler Stephenson I don't play songs off my phone when I'm in the car, I play them from a USB drive.

    • What Tyler said.

    • You need an Android phone my man

    • @raydunakin ah well sorry about that that sucks

  • 6:19 - no Wow or Flutter either. 😉

  • That “how do they work.... MAGNETS” ftfy

  • my 2001 honda civic 1.4 had one, better quality than this fm transmiters joke, noise like hell and you need power to that

  • I've used these adapters to play my walkman tape player in my car.

  • Believe it or not, I actually WAS wondering how these things worked. Kind of mindblown that they make Bluetooth ones now. Very interesting video!

  •'re saying when a mommy tape head and a daddy tape head love each other very much...

  • I so used to have one or two of these. Limitless (almost) potential. Wanna turn down a tv just to listen to it on another device? So done. The adapter for a cassette deck, female-to-female extender, male-to-female 3.5/RCA joiner, pair of RCA wires and off I run to the tv to find audio outputs!

  • I watched this vid ages ago... re watching some now and I only just noticed the shirt changes! I is blind.

  • My first car, a BMW back in 2001, had a casette player. I got me one of these casette adapters and plugged in my Sony Minidisc Mz-R50. Audio quality was much better than a regular casette.

  • can we use this on walkmans?

  • I wondered about the magic of these things for years upon years, but never QUITE enough to just look it up. And now while idly picking through this channel, I finally found my answer. What a joy. Who knew it'd be so simple? :3

  • Found it! Search "Car Stereo Cassette Tape SD MMC Mp3 Player Adapter with Remote Control USB" on ebay.

  • Nerd on PLtools! I subscribed immediately

  • I am using a tape deck adapter to watch this video in my truck right now

  • Analog technology is so much more compatible with everything else!

  • My gosh I feel old......

  • 1. I have watched the evolution of your hairstyle 2. You remind me of Andy Rooney 3. Thanks for great videos!

  • Why not have the spindle part hooked up to a mini dynamo of some sort to charge its own internal battery? Then it would never need a charge!

  • For the MP3 one, just search for "Cassette MP3 player" instead of "adapter", according to my results on Google, you should find it easily. And I think it should still be easy to find on a Chinese web store like AliExpress. My brother had one btw. You just need to put a MicroSD in and there it goes. And I confirm it also has a headphone jack and transport control. It even a remote control.

  • And what about sound quality of these things?

  • Could one of these be intentionally overdriven to simulate tape saturation / compression? Or would that only clip the gain stage connected to the head of the deck it's playing through?

  • I actually had an Aux cassette Adapter for my Mustang, but the tape deck damaged the aux cable, so I actually switched to a Bluetooth, battery-powered version from Radio Shack. Sure, I only had three hours of battery, BUT I didn't have the device chewing up the wire anymore, so it would actually *work* for those three hours. Shame it couldn't just power itself off the tape player, but beggars can't be choosers I guess. I still have that stereo, but it's no longer in the car. Swapped it for a double-din stereo this last spring.

  • Ah yes, *wobbles hand* the universal sign for CD Walkman. I see you, Tech Dif.

  • If you care about audio quality, please never use bluetooth. BT compresses, and while there are some good codecs out there, none that I'm aware of are lossless. Most are old ass MP3 128-256kbit quality (with some voice-only headset adapters being 48kbit, which is why your voice sounds squeaky and terrible on them) FLAC is a thing for a reason, get a USB drive and stuff it in the receiver :3

  • Before I owned a guitar amp I used to use one of these to play into a stereo.

  • If you're still looking for one I could be wrong entirely but I think I saw one on techmoan channel the MP3 player cassette I mean and I believe it was a MP3 player and Bluetooth I'm pretty sure it was all that in one but I could be wrong but I think that's where I might have seen one before online here so I can look in the buy one I think you'd be the guy to ask but I think he also bought it outside the country? I could be wrong and thinking of someone else entirely so I don't hold me to this but a good place to start looking I think if I never right he got his from the British market

  • Now that phones got rid of audio jacks I now have to plug an adapter into my phone and then into one of these to listen to my spotify while I drive.

  • I saw one of these things in a different video and wanted to know more, much to my excitement TC already has a video :)

  • I used to use one of these in my 2002 Camry. But for some reason the tape deck in my car doesn't like to work anymore when it gets cold out. So now I use a Bluetooth FM transmitter instead. The transmitter sounds better anyway. Also I'm pretty sure most of these tape adapters are mono. Fine for listening to podcasts, but a compromise when it comes to music. FM transmitters are much better IMO.

  • I don't know if anyone has posted about these already but my father has one of what you're describing at 7:26 - an MP3 cassette with transport buttons. Photos of it:

  • I've found the Sony ones sound better than the Goodmans ones.

  • I'm assuming there is some pattern to it other than just "strong" and "weak" magnetic field or else you could not erase a previous recording with silence. So does the field simply change direction in some way but equally strong? E.g. the north/south orientation rotates?

  • 7:26 I think it's the Mixxtape

  • And the development goes back zu the start. First there was an radio, then came the cassette, develop to disk (what is with my old cassettes player , use the adapter) , now they even even removed the CD Player and we only have a radio again. So we need to find our old diskman and walkman to connect it with the aux...but hey, let's connect them all together

  • My mom use to have that

  • Could I wire a play head from a 8 track to cassette adapter to a 3.5mm trs jack the same way this cassette head is wired?

  • They also sound remarkably bad tho

  • "if you need your sweet sweet aux jack" STOP PLEASE I DONT WANNA KNOW ANYMORE

  • LIES! This video is 9:32 NOT 9:31

  • How was I recommended this video the exact moment I found out these existed?

  • why does that tape noise at the end remind me of a cartoon duck running?