A record player that can play CDs: The Fisher DAC-145

Opublikowany 19 sie 2020
Well now, what do we have here? It's a CD player... but also a turntable? Hmm... very interesting. But why? How? And is it actually a good idea? Lucky for you you've clicked on this video and will find out!
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  • “never call this a vinyl, it is a vinyl record” me when i discover how spoken language not to mention abbreviations work if everyone refers to something as a shortened version of its original name, then it is the shortened name. there’s no need to use precise language when the full meaning is widely understood and accepted, this is just being pedantic and debatably regressive

  • I don't understand why the cd would make a resurgence, at that point it is digital so you can listen to the same audio from a pc. I think the reason that cassettes and records came back into popularity was at least partly because of the distinctive sound of them

  • "analogUe" should be for this channel what "practice mode" is for LGR, I think

  • I like how he whines about records being called "vinyl" but then freely calls cassette tapes "tape".

  • CONNECTION TIME! Wanna have your mind blown? While this device itself may not be necessarily linked with what I have in terms of a connection, the song you play on it Is. The song involves a training/tutorial video(remixed, obvs) for an MCA Discovision player. MCA's Discovision brand was interesting, they started as a part of MCA, which was... huge... but would become bigger. We'll get back to that. Anyway, Discovision got shed off and sold off to another little company that got its start as a small repair shop. You may have heard of them. Pioneer, the company responsible for the first commercially available in-home DVD recorder, which used DVD-RW discs, the first 16x DVD burner, the first component car stereo, and a bunch of other things. They basically are one of a select few Japanese companies responsible for... you know... everything. Anyway, they snatched up Discovision after they(and Warner) did a lot of pushing on the Laserdisc format through the Laserdisc Corporation, but what happened next is... weirder. See, after Pioneer bought up Discovision, they kept it open, and in doing so, sort of developed the Patent Holding company. They stripped down Discovision until their only job was to collect money on patents the company still held, and as those patents expire, Discovision is slowly fading out of existence. But what about the Laserdisc corporation? Well, it got renamed. To Pioneer LDC. What did they do? Well, they produced probably most of the Anime you grew up with. Okay, maybe not Most of it, but a LOT of it. Us 80s babies remember a whole MESS of their anime selections, including Tenchi Muyo, Armitage III, El Hazard, and Hellsing. In fact, two years after they made Hellsing, they got sold off. Pioneer gave up on their Laserdisc Corporation/Pioneer LDC company(which no longer had Warner's fingers in its pie by this point, for the most part) and sold it to Dentsu, who promptly renamed it Geneon Entertainment. It would again be sold five years later(which makes sense, Dentsu isn't one to hold on to assets forever) to NBC Universal, officially changing their name to NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. But what about Discovision? Well, Discovision's parent company, MCA, kind of got the last laugh... Sort of. See, MCA had a lot of good bumps in their day, but by the time of Discovision, it was already falling down. So it sold Discovision to Pioneer, and just one year later, Matsushita(Yes, THAT matsushita) bought them whole-cloth, only requiring the shedding of a TV station they owned(Thanks to the FCC). Five years later, they sold 80% of the company off to another company... Seagram. Yes, THAT Seagram. One year later, Seagram dropped MCA from the company name and renamed it Universal Studios Incorporated, and renamed their music division Universal Music Group. A few years later, Seagram would be purchased by a French holdings company, who sold off all of the company's media holdings to Vivendi. Vivendi would then fold the MCA Records label into Geffen records, and 11 years later, NBCUniversal would hold the company fully, with Vivendi only holding 20% of the company(GE held the rest. Yes, THAT GE). Comcast would go on to buy up GE's stock in the company. Anyway, if you haven't spotted the connection already, Discovision sold off to Pioneer, who ignored it basically in favor of its Laserdisc Corporation, which got turned into Pioneer LDC, which got sold a few different ways until it was owned by NBCUniversal, who were pretty much the original owners of Discovision anyway... though, hilariously, Discovision DIDN'T, so far as I can tell. As a footnote to all of this, Pioneer is now struggling as a company, NBCUniversal is, of course, ridiculously over the top because they're owned by Comcast, who owns your channels, your ability to WATCH those channels, and a stupid amount of content from around the world, and laserdisc is still dead.

    • As a footnote to all of this, Pioneer at one point had some interest in the Paramount company, but it ended up being kind of a non-starter(Basically some creative business wankery shut down the Paramount Japan distribution to open their own distribution there more directly... sort of. Anyway, Paramount was at one point owned by CBS AND Viacom.. separately. Which is one of the reasons Trek sort of fell on its face for a bit, because one company owned the movies, but not the rights to certain characters or likenesses. However, they re-merged in 2019, and are responsible for PLtools's god-awful copyright claim system(Seriously, that's all Viacom's fault via lawsuits), and a couple years back, after Viacom decided to make PLtools much much worse, Hank Green, in his infinite wisdom, sold Vidcon as a property in its entirety to Viacom. Hilariously, Viacom has split from CBS not once, but Twice. As a footnote, who's responsible for CBS anyway? Well... Paramount. sort of. Paramount tried to buy up a near-controlling interest in CBS back in 1929, but sold it right back 3 years later. Many years later, they'd rename as Viacom, split off the CBS brand... get bought by Westinghouse(Yes, THEM), and two years after that... got reacquired by Viacom, only to split again a few years later, then merge back again in 2019, the same year Pioneer was hit with some super rough financials. The world, it is a-changin', and not for the better. And it's interesting to see who put their grubby little hands in everything. Matsushita/Panasonic in SO much of our lives, Pioneer manufacturing in Anime, a power company owning then dumping CBS, and at one point a booze company owning a major media conglomerate... only to end up being owned by Vivendi, Warner, and Pearson somehow. Speaking of weird connections, Suntory makes a HUGE amount of the stuff you drink, and/or bottles a Huge amount of it, and has their fingers in your snacks, convenience stores, and all sorts of other things(They made a movie about it(Lost in Translation), they're a weird company), all while Sony has their fingers in basically everything, including the aforementioned Geneon(NBCUniversal) through Madman Entertainment and Manga Entertainment Ltd, who you might know better as Funimation. Business connections are both fascinating and terrifying.

  • C'mon Sanyo, why no cassette deck or 8-track player built in?


  • I've had exactly 5 CDs that used the index feature. They were all progressive rock albums with the index representing the individual sections of an 18-23 minute suite. 3 of them were by Rush, the other two were by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. I had a laserdisc player with an index display and I had no idea that it did anything until I happened to play the 2112 CD in it. I have several copies and only the 1997 CD used the Index feature, not later pressings.

  • I've never called them anything other than LPs. Even 12" singles and EPs, I just call them LPs if they're 12 inches. I've seen Techmoan's 33vs.45 video and I know that LP is technically a Columbia trademark, but that's all I've ever called them. And I've only ever called 7"s 45s except in the rare case when it spins at 33.

  • Pretty sweet vinyl you got there.

  • If the CD revival appear, it would be better to be DVD. I always dreamt of a Dvdiscman.

  • We want this so bad

  • me. this is for me.

  • 21:39 "Fishyo" Nice one ;)

  • 17:00 Also has dancing lights pretending they are suspension gubbins on a car.

  • lmao that music kinda sorta reminded me of techmaster p.e.b. lol

  • Record speed 16-3/4? I've never seen a record of that type though we have (literally) 1,000 78s from our parents' collections.

  • we had a Fischer system, dad bought it in the mid 80's its still in their house though the tower is gone, the only time we played records was on Christmas morning , tape, radio, cd and VCR were the main things

  • @12:30 plottwist ... it's not vinyl at all thats just shorthand for polyvinylcarbonate

  • Oh you AudioPhilistine you! Have you no respect for the tradition of fat, effortless bass colored with hints of plummy overtones? No? Neither have I! And this guy has some fun things to say about it too - www.roger-russell.com/

  • I still see those for sale

  • Nice Vinyl

  • I grew up with a toy record player. I’m about your age, so it’d say the only reason I had it was cuz it was at my grandparents’ house where my cousin (ten years older than me) lived. So I played with 80s toys like that and He-Man. Still never having even seen that show. Lol

  • I listen to records all the time but I still call them vinyl because everyone gets so upset about it

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon is a great audio CD

  • I prefer calling vinyl records ‘nills’ as inspired by Judge John Hodgman.

  • I want one of these now

  • i want one.

  • "... It was just too niche, too late, and full of compromises." Just like my parents.

  • What would have been clever was if it also played the vinyl records by laser, like the ELP turntable.

  • I want one!

  • Vinyl. >:)

  • it's vinyl.. CD and vinyl is the name for format of the media.. both are records.

  • I have a player made by Sony that plays records *has a single CD player *compact cassette player *AM/FM radio *aux input jack for other devises *output connections to a receiver for higher quality sound than the built in speakers *blue tooth input for other devices and makes a great espresso. Well not actually that last one. The case is dark oak wood with gold and brown cloth color cloth covering two speakers on either side of the front. In the center front it has controls for the radio and other functions with a small slit to incert a CD. The controls look like an old 1950 era radio player. The top lid lifts up, hinged from the back to reveal the record player area. When the lid is down you would not know it had a record player. The slot for pushing in a compact cassette is annoyingly on the right hand side of the unit to hid it. This keeps you from putting anything on that side if it were on a self with say books or a music collection. It came with a felt brush for cleaning records. A cassette head cleaning tape and cleaning liquid for that as well as a few cables for connecting the unit to other devises. It is the nicest looking unit of this style I have ever seen and has more function s than any I have seen. It also has a lock down arm the keep everything including a record in place while being carried, a band to hold the wrapped up cord and a handle to make it portable. The only thing I can possibly imagine that could have been added was a battery to play it outside or on the go in a car or van. I got it at a pawn shop for $60!

  • Ahem Vinyl.


  • They should have spelled it “CD Modue.”

  • I have literally never even seen a record that plays at 16 2/3 rpm in all of my years of collecting records. I do now have a deck that can play that speed, as far as I know. (With insane pitch control levels, it can play any speed between 16 2/3 ish and 116 rpm. Reloop RP7000 MkII.)

  • 1:19 if I say i'm going to play a vinyl, what else could I possibly be referring to? an Edison cylinder?

  • 12:23 The plural of VINYL is VINYL. NOT VINYLS. You got it?

  • NOT "it spins" but "it is spun" by an electric motor... You heathen. I'll call my vinyl a vinyl all I want. Punk.... Now I remember why I unsubscribed... Only took one video to remember and re-un-subscribe hahahahaha punk

  • 12:08 Can you play music from a Roller Coaster Tycoon CDROM?

  • I am waiting for CDs (and more importantly, MDs) to make their big return. They never should have been neglected the way they were to begin with (and for what? Stupid MP3s? Why could digital audio files not co-exist alongside the hard-copy mediums?).... I've got players that are literally wasting away from sitting idle (due to my apprehension of "wearing them out" from excessive use), and when I go to use them, they crap out (a fuse blows, a belt snaps, a mechanism slips out of alignment, etc), and there's no way I can just 'buy another one" unless I buy some equally trashed pile of crap from some junk-peddling scammer on eBay or similar "online yard sale" sites. So an all-out resurgence of CDs and MDs may prompt the manufacturing of proper players (and not cheap crap that turns Fisher into Fisher-Price).

    • In my house CDs will probibly NEVER go away (in fact i happen to have a CD recorder (had it for just over a year)) and ive recently got into MDs

  • I love seeing Roller Coaster Tycoon in that disc tray. Such nostalgia

  • Revoked!

  • It was a CD changer but not a life changer

  • Be carful. Bad audiophiles get added to the sax offender registry.

  • I remember these plastic Fisher systems being everywhere in the early 90s. All the department stores and furniture/appliance type stores sold them. Even then audophiles hated them but for most people they provided acceptable performance and you could buy a whole system for 399.95 at the mall instead of going to a specialist stereo dealer. Sanyo knew there were people who had CDs as well as old records they still wanted to play, and I'm guessing they thought some of them didn't want two separate machines. There was a shortage of CD pressing capacity for most of the 80s so there was a lot of back catalogue stuff that didn't get reissued on CD until the mid 90s or later, so in 1990 there was a huge amount of titles that were still only on vinyl.

  • You should do a video about linear tracking turntables. Is the sound quality better? Is there less inner groove distortion?

  • now i'm imagining a scenario where Technology Connections finds himself at a Hip-Hop concert & tries to escape the torture of hearing the rappers/DJ use the term "vinyl". wait, maybe that could be the plot of "Technology Connections: The Motion Picture"

  • In Estonia vinyl records are called "vinyl records", but most people just use only "vinyl"

  • Fishyo :D Now that's the name you can trust!

  • This thing could be for Jon Arbuckle after Garfield and Odie break his record player and no one seems to have ever heard of vinyl records. Thumbs up if you know what I'm referring to.

  • 0:49 12. Joy to the world, 13. O come, O come Emmanuel and fills my day.

  • Being neat is enough to be a success

  • petition to start calling records vinyls just to annoy the pedants everywhere.

  • "it sounds fine."

  • "analogue"

  • That’s a good cd carousel... It has Weird Al’s Poodle Hat album!

  • This device feels like a CD player floppy disk combo for your pc in the early 2000s. Interesting but utterly useless

  • This is an awesome bit of retro tech. I love it just because of the smashing together of technologies from different eras. That gives it a certain cool appeal.

  • In europe "CD" is spelled as "CeeDee"

  • I no someone that had a broken tv with a VCR that had a tape inside and we broke the tape trying to get it out. Else good video

  • tone-arm thicc..

  • But could it play a record while the CD is playing? xD Lifting up the tone arm would likely and abruptly interrupt the CD player function.

  • I saw raffis banana phone cd and my YTMND days came flashing back into my head..

  • *pls never call that a Vynil* Too bad that's litteraly the French name for a record

  • As a service tech at Circuit City from 1990-1999 I saw WAY too many of these.

  • Nobody: Technology Connections: Superlatively Girthy

  • IT SPINS?!?!

  • CDS CASSTTES 80S 90S 04

  • I totally call them vinyls. Come at me.

  • Why would the CD get a renneseance? Does it have any advantages over downloading a .wav file?

  • is the notch to keep track of which disc is which?

  • Cd index?

  • Alec: They're not vinyls, they're vinyl records. Me: Oh, alright, I'mma go and self contained underwater breathing aparatus dive while I listen to my vinyl record.

  • This device is at the same time super stupid and absolutely brilliant and I don't know which one it should be

  • Vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl vinyl haha

  • For some reason everything about this device makes me cringe. The shoe-horn of digital and "analogue" the plasticy cheap build, the clunky way the digital spindle smacks into the record. I hate this product more than is reasonable.

  • ah, "Roller Coaster Tycoon", one of my favorite jams!

  • That extrange thing seems to me a solution searching for a problem.

  • "Going to have to replace The White Album again."

  • lol i thought you could play 5 cs plus a vinyl in same time

  • My mother has stacks of vinyls in her closet.

  • This has got me thinking, has anyone tried designing a record player that also plays laser discs.

  • Why doesn’t it have 78RPM?

  • Good video. I like your style and have the same option of 'Audiophiles' :)

  • I disagree with the "small market" evaluation. People who "have" something don't want to abandon their previous media and re-purchase all things they had since before, and since a lot of LP's, also (as usual) there is a discrepancy between generations. I believe this would have helped many families to add CD to their older systems without abandoning older investments.. and space is often a key concern.. yes they might already have a record-player; But no matter what you do adding something will always mean you have to rethink things. I know that if my parents had known of this they would've bought it. The reason is because they had bought a stereo-system complete with a small cupboard specifically designed for that system. They had a shelf where the modules for a double cassette-deck, amplifier, and a radio stood. Underneath the shelf was "hanging" drawers for cassettes, and underneath that storage for records.This was a fairly common system for the living room back in the 80s, and they usually lived on long in to the 90s.. CD-players DID exist when they bought it, and the amplifier actually did have an input and button for "cd", but that wasn't really commonplace yet, and was not only considered a luxury but QUITE expensive (actual CD's costed about 300 sek; which is about $50 at the time If I were to guestimate how much money it would be today I'd say about $65 usd).. So they opted to get a cheaper system. I THINK that if they had chosen to buy the same system but with a CD-player, it would've taken up the space where the casette-storage was, and we DID have a lot of cassettes.. The record player was of course on top.. When later CD's became more popular and prices dropped, That is when this would've meant the easiest upgrade with no actual side effects. Yes, we'd have an extra record-player.. that we could either sell second hand or throw away.. Or to be fair, I'd gladly upgrade the record player I had in my room.

  • Well, well, well, how the turntables..

  • Just dropping this bit of info: I shazamed the Retro Grooves track...and what do you know?...It found it. (Retro Grooves Vol 3, - Discovision)

  • "But first, we must make a technology connection" you clever bastard

  • TechConnect my favorite

  • The wiry jute conversely phone because basketball incidentally obey during a jumbled hardware. past, unbecoming trunk

  • Darn, I was hoping for a machine that could read the grooves on the record with a laser, which seems like it should be doable. Do you know of a product like that, or why that idea doesn't work? (99% curiosity 1% might buy)

  • Love the way this thing displays the discs as they spin and play, i wish they made affordable cd changers that could be wall mounted!

  • I love They Might Be Giants!

  • Strange but cool setup for the cd and record player. If i was that company that made this i would had the cd as like a dvd tray instead of being under the record the way it is. And just have a straight up plater for the record to sit on. But this setup is strange but its cool

  • There are better multi-player and some even have cassette players in them as well

  • Hail Monty Python!

  • "you have to say vinyl record", because the word "record" clearly exclusively refers to audio...? context is always key, a vinyl image is a record of that image on vinyl. Calling a vinyl a vinyl record is still too vague to be a cactus about someone being just slightly more vague than you. edit: also i love love this channel