How to design an actually good toaster with lessons from the 1940's

Opublikowany 30 maj 2020
I love this toaster so dang much.
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Link TWO (why am I yelling?): The Electromagnet in your Toaster
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  • OK, $50 might be too hard of a price point to beat. I'll up it to $100. And yeah, some toasters have a defrost function, but Sunbeam has proven how silly that is!

    • why is there no Kickstarter for a toaster like this yet?

    • @Ian 1 Mammon…the evil overlord

    • honestly the expensive part is the leverless design, but adding a thermal sensor in a toaster without changing anything else in the design requires almost 0 design research except from changing the shape on the resistors. So $50 is very much attainable, since they already have to slightly update their design and leave it at that

    • Have you seen the kitchen aid proline? It appears to operate very similarly to the sunbeam albeit more costly.

    • After you make this toaster the whole world needs (but doesn't know yet) get to the twinkling holiday light with custom color tips. I want a host of technology connections brand products!

  • Can’t believe what I stumbled into an expensive toaster.

  • My toaster always scares the shit out of me when it pops up.

  • Im an industrial design major and i want to design toasters. Exclusively toasters. I got u covered. It will take me more than 5 years tho

  • Watermelons are pretty delicious.

  • so if someone drafts up the plans and such, they can make free money?

  • I don't know if there's something wrong with my Sunbeam but it makes successive toasts lighter and lighter. I have to let it rest for a few minutes before the darkness goes back to normal. If you're just making one sandwich for yourself, that's fine. But if you're making breakfast for 4 kids, the last kid is going to get very light toasts.

  • It's closer to $300, but I think I saw it on sale somewhere.

  • Kitchenaid has introduced a toaster that operates very much like this, but also accepts bagels. It costs about $200 and I want it!

  • Sadly these wouldn't work here in Germany that great

  • I'm getting one of these, don't care what it costs, I hate modern toasters!

  • Who likes their toaster? Ours is not working well and I need a new one. I need a toaster that: 1. toasts pan-size bread - 5.5" slot length 2. toasts the entire slice evenly, edge to edge, top to bottom (thin untoasted lines from the holding wires are OK) 3. toasts both sides equally. I really don't think I've set the bar too high. Ours fails 2 and 3 consistently. I've done research on Amazon but the reviews will be from "fabulous toaster" to "piece of junk" on nearly every one. Who likes their toaster? Make and model, please.


  • "It just works!" It's literally the Apple of toasters.

  • I'm surprised there's no Kickstarter or something for a toaster like this yet.

  • The unfortunate part of these videos is that you can’t find this toaster for under $100 on eBay

  • I wish Smeg would take a lesson and come out with there own version of this toaster. I could just imagine a toaster as beautiful as smeg that works exactly the same but without the toaster getting hot on the outside. I feel like a toaster like that would be worth the price of a smeg.

  • Challenge: Take a “shot” every time he says _”t o a s t”_

  • "Man Berates Toaster Manufacturers for Ten Minutes" is the sort of quality content I have come to expect from Technology Connections.

  • Watermelon are pretty delicious.

  • Thank you for your informational toaster education video, I'm jealous of your amazing toaster.

  • I grew up with this toaster. Always made perfect toast. The later models were not as robust.

  • These card skits are so good also the toaster

  • I'm sold, now how do I obtain a 75 year old American toaster in Europe.

  • Cusinart makes a lever less CPT 420. But I’ve not yet sees it in real life or how it works

  • It just works for square toast of that size, not frozen german Schwarzbrot (thinner slices with the shape of a slice of a rounded loaf of bread).

  • With the new toasters how many have had their toast fly out and onto the counter. I have. All new toasters suck! Appliances went to crap in the 80's!

  • well kinda sucks that less lasting profucts have become the norm, thank to company incentives to have more money

  • lots of toasters until up to the 1980s had asbestos in them.

  • I had no idea I wanted to learn so much about toasters, I myself am not a fan of toasted bread. Great video!!

  • Sound like a good candidate for a Kickstarter - provided there are no patents to worry about.

  • Here's a list that helped me out. In the end, I went with #7. "1:30"

  • Amen, Sister Sledge! Up with ancient toasters with temperature sensors.

  • Lol, uhm, I'm sorry but they got rid of the information (card) button on mobile. Now it's behind the ... button.

  • Well, it took about a hundred years for the car industry to realize that they did it right, from the beginning, and revert back to electric. So in about 20 years or so maybe the toaster industry will get it too.

  • Forgot for a moment that toast classifies as bread on the other side of the pond

  • I own a canadian t40-1 from 1959 its was my late father's... handed down from his mom.

  • Totally not sponsored in anyway at all


  • I mean... if you care that much about your toast you can just use a toaster oven and watch your bread brown.

  • 1:00 You just blew my mind.

  • But the thermostat measures the temperature at the surface of the bread. Wouldn't the interior of the slice which had come out of the freezer be a bit cooler than the interior of the room-temperature slice? I imagine someone storing bread slices in liquid nitrogen. After toasting, the outside is perfectly brown, the inside is still frozen solid.

  • TC is like a fresh combination of Billy Mays and Bill Nye; lengthy infomercials for oldschool tech, with scientific explenations that make me appreciate said tech at a whole new level

  • When I first watched this video that "shooting stars to deal with the mold" joke flew over my head. I just groaned audibly at 5:49 AM.

  • Alright where can I buy something like this?

  • here from the future, what is a description?

  • An IR sensor would do best as then you would have a very accurate darkness control. more black body radiation = darker toast.

  • So I've had one of these since 1995-1997 or so. It annoyed my dad so he pawned it off on me when I got my own place in 2006. I thought it was sort of neat, but it's been finiky about taking the bread most of it's life. I hate throwing out shit that still technically works, so I've been holding onto it. But I finally got fed up last week and decided to buy a new toaster. I discovered through much research that it is literally impossible to buy a decent new toaster at any price point. $30-$300 is basically the same damn toaster with the same problems, and they all break down in two years (or less). More features just break more. Many rants about capitalism and planned obsolescence ensued. I even bought a manual Italian stovetop toaster out of spite. Then I found your videos about it, and you helped be get it running better than it has for 20 years, and I hope to keep it 20 more. I also realize now how much I've been taking it for granted, especially in a household with multiple bread types at different temperatures. We basically all leave the slider in the same spot and effortlessly make toast. And since I've used only this most of my life, I just assumed that was standard. So thank you for helping me preserve an antique in an antique kitchen (it sits next to a 1952-1954 O'Keefe And Merritt stove), avoid spending money, and be filled with rage at modern consumer appliances, but also deeply appreciating what I have and why it's special. BTW, maybe you've figured this out, my strategy for bigger bread is just to put it in sideways and accept the top edge will be a little less done, but not by much. Cheers, and thanks so much for the videos.

  • I love the passion for toaster technology.

  • You have literally GME'd the price of vintage toasters.

  • I wish for a toaster with an optical sensor to determine when the toast is done.

  • Came for the science, stayed for the snark. 🤣👍😸

  • This is some tesla stuff

  • To start I'm bored and decided to watch this after the first time 7 months ago... I think it's like the tenacian cassette mech (the last/most common mech after the 00's) where one group made a mechanism that was cheaper to make and everyone copied/licensed to use it in their product and it became the standard.

  • "Ya'll" 😂😹

  • Radio control toasters are great. I'm waiting on a radio controlled vacuum cleaner or radio-controlled toothbrush or something. All seriousness aside, I was able to find one of these at a local charity shoppe for 2 quid! Considering what they're going for online I believe I made out like a bandit. It actually works!

  • But how does it handle frozen waffles?

  • laser toasters!

  • Toasted Pumpernickel? What is this madness?!

  • I love the bloopers :3

  • This is the Saturn V of toasters, old, incredible, and not made anymore.

  • In 1978 or 1979 my parents' Sunbeam toaster finally gave up the ghost and they bought a Toastmaster toaster at a yard sale that kept tripping one of the kitchen circuits. So they ended up buying toasters twice by going out and buying a new Sunbeam toaster and they gave the Toastmaster to my eldest sister to use in college. Eventually we found out that it was the addition of a new all in one stereo to the living room and a shared circuit on either side of the wall that was the problem and not the toasters themselves. But I still think the Sunbeam made better toast. And it lasted at least until I was in my late 20s. My parents might even still have it now that I am in my 50s since I do not know if it still works or not. I was less than 10 when the previous Sunbeam died. So if they still have the second one it will be over 4 decades old!

  • If only I could. I really wanna make a brand that makes amazing kitchen products. May Elon Musk help me 😁 please

  • Someone should tell Austin Evans that he doesn't need his many-hundred dollar toaster to avoid being frightened by his toast.

  • "Just an update... and some snark." That's... why I'm here.

  • In my humble opinion, the best toaster is a skillet. Not a fan at all of electric toasters. But this one does seem vastly superior to most.

  • My man just blew my fucking mind with that info card tip, sorry for the cussing but thats some top tier info

  • You've sold me. I LOVE this toaster!

  • Do these work in Europe? Can you modify these to work in europe?

  • The key. Find the company. Ask to licence the name sunbeam Create toasters

  • Thought you lot called jam, jelly lol

  • LOL But wait.....there's more....

  • 0:58 *hovering* *nothing happens* Clicks it... ahh okay.

  • I eagerly await the Kickstarter for "The Sunbeam: Reborn", to get one of these. Maybe get Big Clive on it for the folks across the pond and any manufacturing issues! :)

  • How does this work with breads that are already dark (whole grain/whole wheat, whatever)? Does it work with toaster strudels? I think we need another video in the series to experiment.

  • Was that toaster made here in Adelaide?

  • Did you get any takers on the toaster manufacturers

  • I don't know if you considered this, but why don't you make your own perfect toaster? It might be a cool project!

  • The fact that cards aren't there always anymore... F


  • I absolutely love how you account for everything, even minor details about PLtools ui features!

  • These videos on this toaster are fascinating, as are almost all Technology Connections videos are.

  • I am so jealous. I live in Russia and because of that even if I buy one of these I won't be able to use it without a stepdown transformer which is way too much effort for a toaster. Thank you 230v

  • That exact toaster is sitting on my kitchen counter. My Grandparents had one when I was a kid (think 45 years ago) and found it fascinating. 5 years ago, I suddenly started thinking about it so after doing some on-line searching, I was able to pick-up a "non-working" one for $30. Took it apart and 20 minutes later I was reliving my youth watching the bread magically go down and magically come up as toast.

  • l was given this kind of toaster model TA-J --thats right from Aust-- for free (l bet the person that gave it to me never know what he had)......l know how cool and different the up and down function of it was......l raised a family with this toaster......about 6yrs ago it wasn't taking the bread down as well as it should, so l decided to open it up and have a look......l was blown away by the ingenious mechanical design. Managed to get it working again and then l came across these vids and l have grown to love my toaster to the point of bragging to friends on how good it is......thanks to these vids l now know so much more - everything actually - about my how to adjust the up and down tension, the radiant control etc (a big thank you TC for that)......l literally have grown to love it because of these vids.....THANK YOU

  • Lets see if You or Electroboom can Break the {arbitrary name: Solartron 2000}

  • I'm on desktop and I've never once seen any of these "cards" that youtubers refer to in their videos. Hovering over the video doesn't display any "i in a circle" like that shown at 1:00 either. Do people just not watch their own videos?

    • @mike maybe something is disabled? they show up for me

    • @TauDudeBlobber Yes, I know. No such text appears at any point.

    • the "cards" don't look like cards, they are a long white line with text on it that appears at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • It wouldn’t work in France to be honnest we have very different shape and size of bread. And that’s why our toaster often have only one long hole instead of two little as this one.

  • In my experience, it usually turns out to be a simple matter of "They had a patent and we don't" that prevents other manufacturers from also adding those type of brilliant ideas.

  • 5:22 why don't manufacturers make quality products anymore? Because of "planned obsolescence"

  • Love the "Greetings and salutations!" line also used in Demolition Man

  • Where can I buy one ?

  • Can't say I've ever had any issues defrosting bread. I just toss the frozen loaf on the counter and let it thaw

  • Man who wants to invest in me making these things he keeps talking about?! For real someone would make some serious money making truly "smart" without the smart appliences.

  • Best information on this video - how to get to youtube cards that have disappeared. Took me a while to learn this fancy feature.

  • In the newest version of yt on android (idk about iphone) it is not always accessable and if you missed it it disappears

  • Surely we can do better now, like use a camera to look at the bread and AI to determine the optimum doneness.

  • I don't know why so many modern toasters, if you set the browning control below about halfway, it just...dries the bread out a bit. Doesn't even brown it at all. Why do those settings even exist?

  • I need one of these, my toaster throws 1 in 10 slices on the floor.

  • We put frozen bread into the microwave for 10 seconds a slice then it gets minimally soggy.