DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?

Opublikowany 29 kwi 2020
We're really looking at the plusses and minuses of this whole ordeal...
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The SD logo video
The PlayStation video
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  • If Sony weren't constantly being Sony I wouldn't have to keep making jokes about how Sony they are. Also, quick note! The whole DVD+VR and DVD-VR thing in DVD recorders is _extra_ petty because there was absolutely no reason you couldn't have adapted the DVD+VR format to DVD-R media. Except... licensing. Sony and Philips apparently kept that to themselves so that DVD-R media would always have this limitation in DVD recorders; but it has nothing to do with the physical differences between the formats. And it appears some later Pioneer DVD recorders did, in fact, get around this limitation in one way or another.

    • DVD recorders ugh... I had one that was one format, but I tried the other and it worked, great! Or so I thought. It recorded, and I could view back through that player... But it wouldn't finalise any discs. RIP my time and discs.

    • @morton lee not once its finalised you cant, and since all burners finalise discs you statement is moot.

    • You are not going on the same page as the other off my posts here in a new I 6to my own pfamily pin and the rf8t7i4u453aYGA 1AM 2PM and all your 98feet for me to date and a

    • You can also a lot more

    • What about +RW -RW?

  • Oh look, Sony being proprietary and failing completely again. I think the only time their propriety was successful was with Trinitron.

  • I never called it "dash r". Because I knew of the "plus R", I always called it "minus R" to differentiate it from "plus R".

  • 18:25 - I have a Panasonic model similar to this. It takes 30 SECONDS to 'boot up'! :)

  • 👍👍👍

  • Good luck trying to play a CD or DVD in a hundred years time. But stick a needle on a vinyl disk you will always get something back. It doesn't matter how you store the CD-DVD it will degrade with time.

  • Third plug, must be some kind of record! haha.....NO. ITS A DVD+RW, nie a record.

  • Discs still have their place, they are in most cases more reliable to archive data to than flash media.

  • Can you talk about the VCD.

  • "Must be a record!" But I thought you were talking about DVD's....

  • I still use a Win-7 laptop from 2014, and it has a DVD drive in it. I've got some old DVDs that have data burned onto them, I'm currently transferring everything from them onto 2-TB solid-state external hard drives. The capacity of DVDs is just too small. Imagine if the only flash drives around were only 5 GB in capacity, that is what DVD storage is like.

  • +r dl are a pita to deal with 30% burn time errors

  • It's Dash R? All this time I've been calling it minus R. Oh the humanity.

  • I want dvd^3

  • In my personal case, the DVD+R type was an easier disc to be read by my soft modded PS2 Fat console.

  • Good info, I linked the info never know the difference between the two of them, I remember them well. Sony always did there own thing. Thanks

  • Thanks. I was told back in the day by a salesman that one simply spins one way and one the the other direction. Funny.

  • Thank you for doing this video and explaining why I was so confused when I was a sophomore in high school, I spent countless hours trying to get a DVD + r to work on a dvd-r, I had this dream that I would have a whole collection of DVD, then HDMI came out and I just plug my computer into my TV

  • DV-who and DV-what?

  • All I know about DVD-R is that I used it to use FreeDVDBoot on my PS2.

  • Your Shirt is AMAZING!

  • You've got a lot of optical disc related videos. Do any of them cover "archival" disc formats like m-disc and gold discs?

  • This was quite informative, but what you barely mentioned are rewritable dvds. RW dvds are superior for burning, as chapters can be burned over/replaced, if mistakes are made. The main reason I can come up with as to why manufacturers haven't completely switched over to just making RW's, and phasing out write once only discs, is that RW discs may be more expensive to manufacture, as evidenced by their higher retail cost. --Again, you barely addressed RW discs.

  • I've seen this video before, but I remembered it being about CDs.

  • anecdotal evidence at best,but when i bought them in bulk, the -r were less reliable in the older ones that got used last. i used them to write movies downloaded during the pre-torrent days when you had to download them the old fashioned slow way. and this is bank when broadband was in its infancy and >1mbps download was fast. at least in my area/income bracket.

  • Some rare brands also have offered so-called "DVD-R for Authoring" DVD-R's (often designated with DVD-R/A ) - what was very special about these : The usually cancelled-out so-called "macrovision" track was left intact. THOSE were exactly what hobby-copiers have sought for. copying protected discs including its copy-protection entirely. 1:1 DVD copies for real. Alternatively, you were also able to create your own version of a "macrovision" track.

  • Think maybe you're "bi-phase modulated"

  • Man I remember seeing these as a kid (I never used them, too young) but I never knew the difference and nor did my brother (who was the one using them, and is knowledgeable with tech generally.) I guess I assumed '+' was better as, being a kid, + must mean 'more' right? Also the RW logo on non-RW discs definitely confused me back then too, lol.

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  • Im Old enough to remember NOT having this stuff, not even a VHS . You think this makes you feel old ? lol

  • "That's the 3rd plug in this video! That must be a record!" No! It's a CD/DVD!

  • DVD±R

  • i used to make copies. i like to mention before everyone said the -r was more compatible because it came out first mainly for first generation dive reader which is true but rare. as for me like many others who make copies, the +R had at lease 80mb more. i thought you going to mention it when said finalized the disc. some copies, required us to need that extra 80mbs of space to finalized the disc and it matters.

  • Can I give this one 2 thumbs up?

  • I seem to remember the wavelengths of the lasers made a difference as well for a while.. that fell into the color of the media (how purple) the discs looked like. I remember having to flash the drives so they could read and write on different discs in the early days. Do you have any data or information on this aspect of the different drive manufacturers or formats?

  • "The use of discs in PCs is essentially over" Not for me, lol. I do all my backups on 25 GB BluRays. Using the Par2-Algorithm, they are THE best price/performance backup medium of our time.

  • As an old man, I record movies On DVD + because they finalize in seconds, while theDVD- -TAKES FOREVER. Big difference. So you are wrong as far as I'm concerned, but you know-it-alls can't admit when they are wrong.

  • It really was kind of a missed opportunity not to use "the dumbest format war" someplace where it would work for SEO. ;)

  • Now new laptops no longer supports disks

  • legend says if you look at his shirt far enough away it will appear white lol

  • Im about to back and restore my windows 7 on dvd+r and what...

  • Bro the first 30 seconds of the vid gave me Vietnam War like Flashbacks of Nero, Napster, and me having 4 CDRW drives burning playlists for all my friends in highschool! It was fun for maybe the first week, after that complete torture!!!


  • I didn't know any of this in the early '00s so I bought a fancy Sony drive that did + - RW & RAM and then never used RW or RAM, I know I burned a lot of + discs, not sure about -

  • Youre trying way too hard to be funny, we dont come for stand up comedy my guy.

  • Dont forget to talk about blue ray media. They have bd-r. They have double layer blue Ray's. And triple layer discs. The bd-XL discs. And M disc which aparently will last 1000 years. So that is a whole another topic u could cover.

  • I was told that +r discs were better for data. And -r was better for burning movies. Or things played in a dvd player. But now these days I probably would just buy a -r because it has better compatibility. And by the way I still have that panasonic dvd recorder that only burns to +r media. Really dumb. But it still works

  • I actually use These for Backup on pc cases that still have 5,25 mounts

  • Is it true that with the rise of cheap flash media, the role of discs on PCs had been reduced to just being a distribution medium for commercial software for a few more years?

  • Someone's clearly not paying attention to the new large "archive" disks!

  • Star Wars? Anybody?

  • This is round... And this is round... Me unconsciously buying discs labeled 'dvd' at the store...

  • Hey... What are those funny spinning round things? :D

  • I'm only almost 20, but I still use "old and lame" discs, especially for playing my favorite older pc games and transfering music from CDs to a computer and then to an iPod or something. To me, discs are still useful! 😁

  • back in the day we use to use ftp servers to get games to each-other and it required special sony DVD+R to write for ps2 as i remember it

  • lip lick on the 'dash - r' lolz!! oohhh the dash plus discussion of the early days- i wish i could go back!!

  • Just one letter to say 'M' .... Disk

  • minus

  • They face a difference of 2r, duh

  • Burning a DVD now in 2021 while watching this vid.

  • The only difference I encountered was the fact that Nintendo Wii read only games burned on DVD-R

  • Why was VHS more popular than Beta?

  • From my experience, as someone who used both of them all the time, +R was only better for smaller files. "Massive" files I always went with -R though. Generally failed writing less.

  • wow man this one hit my Best Buy PTSD, trying tp explain this crap to the general public of 2001-2005.

  • I waited until I could get the t- before buying

  • Comment about your animation of the DVD/CD head tracking the disk: the light IS NOT deflected by a turning mirror as you illustrate; it is deflected by off-centering the lens. The lens is "under illuminated" (the diameter of the parallel-light beam is much smaller than the diameter of the lens). Translating the lens sideways in effect adds a prism to the refraction (in addition to the focusing). Translating the lens axially changes the focus point. So those 2 motions permit tracking disk decentering and wobble. You can see the LENS moving in some of your videos on the subject. You need to do a video on how the CD/DVD control is done by the PC. It seems that that control heavily burdens the PC (because manufacturers are too cheap to put in a $2 "CD controller chip"), to the extent that the PC "hangs up" (and the mouse pointer changes to the little disk picture). If the disk is unreadable, the PC will hang up "forever" (sometimes unlockable by opening the disk drawer, and many times requiring a reboot).


  • Black/white Big/small Near/far +/- NO! NO! NO!

  • I have to disagree with you about the difference between -R and +R DVDs if you had a RCA HD DVD recorder they both did different things the +R on that machine was much better than the -r you could do a lot of editing on that that you couldn't do on the -R so it depends on what machine that you were using to when you're recording

  • “One swell foop”. Go Xanth!

  • You now need to make a video about HD DVD and Blu-ray.... Omg, It's Sony again pushing Bluray in the PlayStation! Lol

  • I backed my music up on a USB pen drive , then one day my computer decided to encrypt my files in some sort of Chinese . That never ever happened on my CD's . And yes my first computer was connected to the internet (?) via an acoustic coupler ,( yip phone box ) .Remember those ? lol.

  • Time for DVDxR

  • They both seem to make equally good coasters

  • In the beginning there was Sufjan Stevens.

  • and after a few months they came out with DVD+/- burners and no one cared. DVD+R does sound like it's technically better though...

  • That shirt rules.

  • Verbatim DVD+DL RW & flashed XBOX 360's say Arrrrrr mayteys.

  • DVD+R burnt discs could NOT be read on certain hardware...Stand alone DVD players & other DVD burners. DVD-R discs could be read on just about everything! BACK IN THE DAY

  • You aren’t related to Captain Disillusion by any chance are you?

  • Quite frankly, DVD-R is better than DVD+R. DVD-R all the way!

  • Boy do I remember those days. Been there done that more then once.

  • Write Once, Read Many... W... Wo.... WORM

  • I don't like how the DVD/CD is soon to seen how we see cassettes XD

  • The great thing about these videos is that they combine history and technology, plus a little bit of problem-solving (how did they do that?) and a little bit of mystery (why did they do it that way?)

    • @TtRTech Yes, I love his sense of humor!

    • And dry, goood humour

  • I still use CD and DVD to record on. All I know is I was in my mid 20's when CD's first became popular and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

  • Calling your viewers Lame - what a great way to get Likes - NOT! (Lame 90's joke there).

  • I remember being led to understand that DVD-R was meant to be a bit better for burning data that you'll read in computer drives and DVD+R a bit better for burning movies that you'll read in DVD players. So I always had two spindles depending what I was burning. Couldn't actually tell any difference when it was switched around tho, so yeah, the only really difference was that it was just so unnecessarily confusing.

  • this channel is f***** amazing

  • Nice accurate video but it fails fact us old timers are useing archival mdisc that far superior than ssd or the cloud. All systems will fail and data retrieval is impossible if a emp or cme hits and thus the cloud and spinny disk storage is dead because most servers for the internet still use spinning discs or failure ridden hard drives. Unless electronics of computer,servers,the cloud and electrical grid are emp and cme hardened your data is fried. Mdisc and a faraday cage stored laptop or computer system is so far only way to survive digital armageddon. Plus fact electrical surges on your home wireing can fry everything. And don't think the m.o.v based surge suppression found to save you,they can't from a strong cme or emp or other powerful surges. Only non m.o.v active surge suppression will give you a fighting chance to save your electronics. I use surge x their are other out their but their expensive. The narrator forgot to mention these little things

  • Absolute Time in Pregroove sounds like a precursor to the TARDIS

  • I love the sound of a disk drive. It brings back the happy memories waiting for my games to install :) It also brings back bad memories of when games started requiring 6 CDs to install!

  • Learning of these actual benefits DVD+R had from this video, and reading the comments here with anecdotes of it working better, I feel a bit duped. I was under the impression for some reason that DVD+R was a complete scam and if anything would give people problems if I used them, so I always only ever bought DVD-R discs.

  • Still need write once/read many media. Flash doesn't cut it for everything.

  • The monopoly of ideas is probably the second most stupid idea to ever hit humanity. Right after the communist Utopia.

  • For someone who knows so much about how technology works, you sure don't know how to keep one consistent camera position.

  • I remember Sony also pushing for another compression of the mp3 format. I remember buying a discman and it came with a software that would allow you to burn twice the amount of songs on a CD and of course only Sony discman were able to play those discs. Not sure if you talked about that subject yet. Great work as always!!

    • @Charles Richards that’s right that’s what it was called! I had it too

    • I used to use Nero to encode MP3 into what they called "MP3Pro" and it was amazing! Then Nero was eventually "upgraded" into a huge steaming pile of bloated nonsense and I stopped using it.

  • As I recall, one benefit to the + version was the DVD+R DL discs, since there was no DVD-R DL.

    • DVD-R DL exist, but they're rare. You can get them from Japan, Australia, parts of Europe, and eBay. GoogIe: Verbatim 023942435433

  • Oh my god, shut up and just pass the info!

  • I burned a lot of DVDs between 2004 and 2010 because this was the heyday of file sharing. So at least with older burners, the success rate with DVD + R was a little higher. There were fewer checksum errors that were recognized afterwards. The bottom line was that the brand had a greater influence on the reliability of the burning process than the question of DVD + -R.