The touch lamp; a neat idea, and older than you'd think!

Opublikowany 12 wrz 2020
I think we really oughta make this fashionable again, don't you?
Links and stuff down below!
First, the patents!
Aladdin's Fantastical Lamp;
Scott M Kunen's not-original patent;
Sylvania's Pushless Pushbutton;
And in case you want to peruse the datasheet of the modern chip, here's one place to do it;
Here are the other links I usually put here;
Technology Connextras (the second channel that stuff goes on sometimes):
Technology Connections on Twitter:
The TC Subreddit
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  • Hey there! I did a quick follow-up video on Connextras to look at the power draw of the modern module. Mishaps occurred!

    • just watched your vid from 3-4years ago secret vhs function, was not expecting the same jacket lol on the vhs vid at jimmy page concert, "hang on lads gotta connect car battery and whip out vhs slp recorder"

    • @Zaire Malcolm cool! It took like 15 minutes but it actually worked!

    • dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hack :D

    • Looks like google fixed the answer now =)

    • I have an old touch lamp from 2001 and still use it almost everyday. I was just recently pondering how it works. I'm amazed that it still functions.

  • Definitely taking my next vacation to the 11th Nashville. I hear it's great this time of year

  • I had a small touch lamp until it broke

  • when i go home the bed side lamp is a bright brighter brightest off, it's always fun going through the stages,

  • These things are old and were SOOOOO FLAKY. Wave once in their general direction: On, Off, OnOffOnnOffOnnOfffOn -- .... Off. Try again. Probably because of how dry this place is. How dry? I just got shocked by a damned turnip. That's how dry.

  • "Not much reading. Only to the 3rd paragraph." Ha! You and I have very different understandings of "very little reading" my friend. Three paragraphs is like...a lot of reading.

  • What I remember about these is the occasional pulsating in the lower two settings that coincided with a musical humming sound in ceiling fans I later discovered this was an interaction between the Zellweger tones (used to turn on and off off-peak hour water heaters) and the triac dimmers these used.

  • Thanks for your insight into why Google doesn't work as well much anymore

  • Feeling depressed, I need your video now

  • I'm rolling on that capacitator joke.

  • Extra thumbs up for the "Genie-us" pun.

  • So.... I kind of want that lamp. What model is it?

  • i have a small led touch lamp that runs on six volts and as a bonus if i key my cobra 25 channel walkie talkie it turns the lamp on. :)

  • I saw the light. Neat video....💡

  • I have a clock that doubles as a lamp. It is a touch lamp.

  • we have this kind of lamp!

  • For some reason, subtitles were on. At the end of the video, there is "capacitive smooth jazz" when music started. Waaaay detailed in Your puns, sir.

  • I have on of these as a bedside lamp. I always thought that they'd be little more than gimmicks, but the touch sensing is actually very useful, and something I'll definitely look for in any future small lamps I get. Not having to frantically search for a switch in the middle of the night is great.

  • Many devices today use this touch button system. I have a few, like speakers that have RGB lights controlled by touch, and notably Geekcreit kits seem to all use touch switches.

  • A big Clive nod. Excellent.

  • Ah NeXTSTEP the last good idea Jobs had.

  • man this is the stupidest comment ever but i wonder if you could hook it up to an arduino and make a nuculear key out of one of those anti static radioactive brushes, and then make a bookcase open via the arduino on like a linear actuator to a man cave. okay yeah that was dumb

  • I got one right next to my laptop right now

  • Mis abuelos tenían una en los '90. Recuerdo una noche de tormenta que la tuvieron que desenchufar porque se prendía sola con las descargas eléctricas de los rayos. Me encantan las tormentas eléctricas!

  • Capacitator! Lol 40 points!

  • me: **sees fire** My brain:

  • Capacitater got me so good!!

  • A Librarian approves the appreciation for citations and information literacy.

  • We had touch lamps in our living room when I was growing up, and when we redecorated a little a few years ago, we got a more modern touch lamp.

  • I laughed at the first result for "aladdin touch lamp". "ooh spicy" indeed. 3:25

  • That lamp has more computer power than was available when they put a man on the moon.

  • “Disposo is quite an interesting clown.” I’m dead! That completely murdered me. Thanks. 🤣

  • I once had a lamp like this, and my dogs paw was touching the base but it wasnt triggering it to turn on and i know its going to sound like a joke but honestly i touched my dog on its back and head and nothing happened but the moment i touched his nose it lit up, this was 20+ years ago so I hope i am remembering it correctly but i do have this memory of it, can anyone confirm that this is a real thing or did i do sonething wrong or remembering it wrong

  • Bees do not meow.

  • 1:14 I I love the way you play with words.

  • The capacitator joke made me laugh maniacally for about 25 seconds. Fair play, sir. 🎩👌

  • I know puns aren't new to your videos but man, these ones were delightful, not to mention that alliteration. The Big Clive mention gets you some bonus points for sure, you genie-us you.

  • I love Lamp!

  • I always wanted to know about this!♥️👍

  • 3:46 wait, is install misspelled in that magazine? A sink you can instal.????

  • You have an electric device with metal casing - I don't know about US electrical code, but in EU a) the casing needs to be grounded - can't be used as sensor (I might be wrong though :-) ) b) needs to by double isolated - sensing circuit would have to be galvanically isolated from the mains c) needs to be at safe voltage (I had one of those modern lams a couple years ago and it was 12VDC or something like that)

  • Literally have 3 of these lamps at my house but they use them to melt wax. Those sensi things

  • Three-way touch lamps are still around

  • as a child, I loved these. as an interior designer, I'm glad they died LOL

  • I have one of these. It stinks because you can't move or adjust the lamp without turning it on and off, which is a pain when there's a charging port built in and you need to plug and unplug cables

  • Fun fact neighbours CB radio can turn lamps on and off

  • This channel is so good!

  • ever since this video came out a wikipedia page has been the first result and says "a key patent was files in 1954" in it's opening paragraph

  • I love the info, but I get lost in most of your videos because your explanations go from high school freshman to college freshman real quick.

  • When I ask google, they now say 1954 for the patent and 1955 for the commercial use. You, my friend are now even educating google. Here's a bunch of love!

    • sure, they were just showing the wikipedia page, but still... much better than the result shown in the video.

  • I remember, probably in the late 90s, my Uncle has light switches that were capacitive AND dimmers. That was mind blowing at the time. It was just a metal plate and as you touched it the light would dim or brighten and would hold at the point you broke contact. You can get bare board USB LED equivalents for a couple of quid these days that work the same way (search for mini touch usb led light capacitive)

  • Positioned an alarm clock next to/behind a touch lamp to help me wake up when needed.

  • Imagine being so obsessed with serving search results that you start serving up utter fabrications. OK google.

  • Touching a light seems much more convenient than speaking to it lol

  • I grew up with a touch lamp as my night stand light. I had to throw it out sadly but I loved my lil lamp it had roses on its shade

  • Capaci-Tater.. Fun fact.. man that was a long walk that paid off big. I'm still thinking about it. soss good.

  • Bee's Meows... I'm going to use that one...

  • I come back to this video from time to time just to hear the Millhouse reference

  • "We seem to like to talk to our lights these days." Very ironic you ended with this line as I was thinking of a lamp belonging to a friend of mine in college (2001) this entire video! One slightly inebriated evening (it was College!), said friend was sitting about 2' from the light when he yelled out "THAT'S F#$%ED UP!", reacting to something I'd said (can't remember what I had said... I might have been drinking). Upon his vocal outburst, the touch lamp (he wasn't touching), turns on! We both were floored by this, and then proceeded to shout A WHOLE SLUE more of profanities at the light attempting to get it to turn on again. It was ONLY HIM saying the phrase "F#%$ED UP!" that would audibly switch the light on. It wasn't like he had the "Clapper" (next video installment idea BTW) connected to this light. That'd almost be understandable, the sound frequency coinciding with that mechanism but this wasn't the case. By chance, would you have any idea why only his voice and choice of verbiage would activate a touch lamp? It has taken 20 years to see the "touch light" at the end of the tunnel on this subject! Thanks for this great video!

  • I always have that thought with mine! It's vintage with glass floral stained glass, the coils hold the glass, I can basically turn on my lamp anywhere! There is also porcelain wrapped in the middle of the stem for decoration, with floral print! I turned mine on for the evening and thought to myself, how does it work?

  • I sold really nice touch lamps at a garden center in 1978 for about $45.

  • I have one of these touch lamps from my grandmother. Pretty much have an understanding from your description. Why does my Ionic Breeze air filter keep the lamp from operating? The lamp will not turn on unless I turn off the Ionic Breeze but, not all the time . The microwave in the kitchen on a totally separate circuit also turns on the lamp and each time it is activated the lamp moved through the four touch sequences. Is the power draw of these units somehow crossing the bridge of circuits in the panel and acting with the circuitry in the lamp?

  • i am wondering, will the touch function work if the metal lamp was also connected to the ground?

  • "take touch screen for granted unless you're on a MacBook" 😂😂😂

  • again you are wrong, goolag promotes lies and propaganda, they lost their main mission to search for information long time ago, today they hide information

  • you are fuckin wrong, its not touch screen only capacity screen, detects capacity changes in squeres you touch, thats why its not pixel accurate touch, next it will not work with gloves or when you try to touch with objects that will not pass electricity

  • Touch lamps are for jabronis. It’s all about the CLAP BACK. If you don’t have a clapper, then what are you doing with your life?

  • We have a 3-way LED bulb and it goes bright>brightest>brighter>off

  • I still have one of these,somewhere around here.

  • drink a shot every time he says "touch", "body" or "lamp".

  • These videos make me so damn happy.

  • My parents had a desk/bookcase with one of those pushless push buttons you mentioned! I liked it a lot. We had to have more lighting in the room because lighting up the area around the computer and a reading table wasn't really enough most of the time.

  • I'm super late on this video but you can buy small battery powered camping lamps with a touch powered pad on them. The one I have uses the pad for two functions with a touch and a touch-and-hold setting for dimming. Just search touch powered camping lantern.

  • FYI Touch lamps create an ENORMOUS amount of radio frequency interference.

  • I really dug the potato pun.

  • What have we learned today? Every human is useful...

  • I love the use of alliteration and poetry in this episode. This was really fun to watch.

  • Omg I just swapped out a regular table lamp for a desk touch lamp on my nightstand. My life is complete.

  • I *don't* take the touch screen for granted. I grew up watching and reading about them in scifi, I remember in the mid 2000s when Blackberries were popular and everyone thought touch screen tech was a childish fancy. I remember how crappy and unresponsive the first touch screens were. They're still borderline magical to me, even though I know how they work.

  • I ain’t touching Aladdins Lamp...

  • Dispozo The Clown

  • kmart literally started selling these for 15aud

  • Shh

  • This just reminded me that my mom had a touch lamp in her room when I was little.

  • As convenient as touch-lamps are... it's annoying when the smallest power fluctuation turns ON my bedside lamp while I'm sleeping.

  • Aladdin Lamp Company ... genie-ous idea!! 😂🤣😂

  • Ah yes, the 80s touch lamps! The best ones were the ones I saw hooked up to house plants - no kidding! I usually saw pothos in the planter, but if you touched the leaves, it would actuate the switch. I can't imagine those things didn't go wonky pretty quick. Also, water and electronics in close proximity? Yikes.

  • Make sure you guys smash the ‘like’ pushless push button

  • Your pun game is on fire in this one. Strong work!

  • Absolutely love your videos. Just technical enough to be interesting for a nerd:) Nice humor. Love from Norway

  • main screen turn on!

  • capaci-tater

  • Growing up my dad installed permanent book cases in my siblings and my rooms, my dad wired the lights for the bookcase into one of these little touch sensors which he wired to a hinge on her cabinet, I always thought it was cool.

  • "The Aladdin company's 'genie'ous idea.."

  • On off on off my momma would slap yer arse lol

  • Bold of you to assume my usefulness

  • Another pun for the intro is “quite ~enlightening~”

  • if you don't like google try duck duck go. it acts like the way google use to. providing accurate information and not tracking you or anyone else.

  • "all put disappeared" *looks over to my nightstand*

  • put the yellow wire on a solid metal floor for a jump activated lamp :)