Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!

Opublikowany 29 cze 2020
I know, my use of a laptop (and worse, that I like it!) makes me a truly terrible person.
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  • Hi! This video is way outside the realm of what I normally to and to be honest, I have no idea how you're gonna like it. But, well, trying new things is what makes life fun! I'd also like to apologize for the sub-par audio in this video. You are in fact hearing a weird rumble sometimes and, well, oops.

    • @Kareem Derek yup, been watching on flixzone for since november myself :)

    • a tip: you can watch series at Flixzone. Been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

    • i've loved all your videos since discovering you due to the pandemic. learned a lot of trivial, yet useful to every day life things. but this, feels like bloated filler that someone forced you to make to meet some sort of a quota.

    • Your videos rock! This one included, you nailed so many points.

    • Thermal pad between heatpipes and back case to act as a big heatsink if you still have this laptop. done the trick with my XPS 13.

  • This is how I daily use my MacBook Pro. I have an external graphics unit that connects to my 15" MacBook Pro which powers 2 monitors. My eGPU can't quite put out enough power to charge the MBP too so I just hook up the charger and a hub and get to work. It's actually more performant than my desktop for most things but my desktop is quite dated by now.

  • I just saw 75% of this video bc i was distracted with something else but damn what a boring and pretentious guy. The "irony" every two phrases gets old real quick

  • >Thermal issues while rendering >Entire segment of the video was about less useful advice >breathes in. resigns self to being That Person You could buy like. A fan-stand thingy. You plug in the stand to a usb port and it draws power and you get extra fans for extra cooling. i use one with my big bulky gaming laptop (mostly for screen height, but also if i'm worried about how warm it's getting i plug in the fan part) anyway, like a year late on this but your videos have helped get me through long boring work sessions working as first line computer support so most of all thank you for all that.

  • My laptop is a media machine first and foremost. My desktop is a multitasker. If I tried to do on my laptop what I do on my desktop, my laptop would MELT.

  • I use Microsoft Surface Pro 7's, (with the MS Surface Dock), to run my audio workstations, (Sonar Platinum + Focusrite external audio), and a Dell XPS 10th Gen Core i7 + dock for video/photo editing. Zero issues with either setup. The key has always been to actually setup the laptop for the job you need it to do, instead of going with the "general purpose computer" configuration that Windows defaults to. The most important issue on a laptop is power management, which for reasons known only to Bill Gates causes Windows to think the only answer is "THROTTLE EVERYTHING ALWAYS!!! PRESERVE BATTERY LIFE AT ANY AND ALL COSTS!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN PLUGGED INTO AC MAINS POWER!!!". Beyond the need to spend some time tweaking a new laptop, there is really no difference anymore between a decent laptop and a desktop unless we are talking about the really real high-end desktops, the ones with top-of-the-line gfx cards and maxed out memory that usually end up costing more than the average used car. P.S. I've never seen a game that I'm interested in playing that any of my laptops couldn't handle, even at decent gfx settings. Eye-Candy really doesn't make a game fun, so the "Ultra-High" graphics settings have never interested me.

  • Why I hate the whole "not enough ports" on laptop debate. The only thing that gets plugged into my laptop is my docking station, or the charger when I'm away from the desk. Who's primary PC is a laptop and isn't using a dock at this point?

  • I am using a Thinkpad dock with my 3-4 year old Dell G7 "gaming" laptop going into two mismatched monitors. Even with the occasional troubleshooting headaches it's still easier than having to configure external displays every time.

  • my tablet is a Chromebook! Lenovo duo Chromebook!

  • Working since 5 Years the same way, I have 2 Docks in my life space. One Dock in my work area and on in my living room connected with the beamer/projector.

  • The most expensive computer I had ever purchased up until a few years ago was a laptop that I hated (due to bad thermal design) It has led to me having a vendetta against laptops for a long time.

  • A 7700k will GREATLY outperform a 7700HQ. In fact the 7700k will be 40% - 50% faster. While they share the same name and are based on the same core, they perform nothing like each other. Most of this is likely because the 7700k was designed to have a much higher Turbo Boost while the 7700HQ was designed to keep thermals low. Try encoding an hour long video on the two and the 7700k will be done long before the HQ.

  • This was sooo helpful! Thank you. Looking for a way to upgrade my little laptop situation for online teaching/tutoring, this is the solution. It also appeals to my minimalist frame of mind.

  • This is my work setup ,but with an extra display

  • Using a HDMI is much better in my opinion

  • One of the best things I've learned as a video editor is that proxies are a godsend. Save your money trying to chase the latest gear, and just render lower Res files before you edit. Even the fastest computer and most optimized NLE will thank you.

  • I've just decided to make the jump to using a *really* powerful laptop with a dock, rather than a fairly powerful desktop and a weaker laptop. The disparity between what I've got installed on which and where my projects and files are at any one time is maddening sometimes.

  • most laptops have low power versions of desktop CPUs'

  • i also use this setup!

  • just get an arm desktop then remote into it ios and ipados ARE macos

  • Congrats, MacBooks have been able to do this with a Cinema Display for many years-no dock necessary

  • Some sort of *tech tips* Indeed 😁

    • I import mine from Canada.

  • I have a pretty decent laptop that can do 3d modeling alright, and a beefy desktop. Thanks to the wonders of blender and linux, I can have my desktop render while I model on my laptop. or even use both to make the same render go faster. I dont even have to be at my house to make this happen.

  • Ima be honest with you chief your videos have no business being this long

  • Hmm... Shots Fired at Linux users... SUBSCRIBED!

  • When it came out, this video finally convinced me to buy a dock (though quite a cheap one), a screen and a keyboard for my Thinkpad and I couldn't be happier! I feel I avoided lots of back and neck pain during these months working as a distance teacher. Thanks!

  • My company uses those docks. Walk in the office, take the laptop out of the bag, open it and plug in. I run it with separate desktops on the laptop and each of the two external monitors...because I can, and also because it's useful to have Outlook open on its own monitor so when the laptop goes ding, I don't have to work out where it's hiding. Upside, is that I can then take the laptop to the client's site, where I've scrounged a keyboard and monitor, and use it there, and also take it home and use it with the monitor I use with my Mac. Different keyboard though, which is a bit of a pain, but it means I can do my work on a large screen wherever I am. Corporately purchased laptops always seem to be spec'd with the lowest resolution screen, which makes them nearly impossible to work on, doing what I do, so an external monitor is a must. But the laptop gives me the opportunity to work wherever I've got a monitor available. Hot-desking in a remote office is also a lot easier with the docks.

  • If you have a desktop your now using with a 1080 you should install NiceHash & start mining crypto. Its profit switching so it always mons the most profitable coin, also your GPU will make you an extra $1,500 a year. Not much but just don't sell your bitcoin you get. Consider it essentially investing in bitcoin for only the small coat of power. Having an essentially free $1,500 investing every year is a pretty awesome bonus especially considering you have to do no work for it aside from installing a program once. Just food for thought.

  • i go by this, yes a paint roller is quick, fancy and gets the job done in no time, but i prefer a good old brush, it's slow but more precise, does the job and spreads the paint further.

  • I've always said there's no better portable typing machine than a Chromebook ;)

  • About halfway through the video I was like "What about Continuum? Should I comment about it? Nah, what if he mentions it...". I was not disappointed when you did :) I still believe that's the future, especially with foldable phones in the picture.

  • « _Those of you using Linux, you'll just have to figure it out yourself, like you do with everything else about your computer_ » 😂😂 This savagery is precisely why I subscribed to this amazing channel ! 😂

  • Seems a little finicky for my usage. I don't think that would be good for game programming. Good idea for some. I think will stick with my desktop for now. I might switch if the technology improves really well.

  • as someone who works for dell i do believe the new xps 15 inch with the i9 has resolved the power throttling issue although the 13 inch has not

  • I used my HDTV for a monitor hooked up to my Samsung Chromebook and wireless mouse and keyboard that use the same USB port dongle for almost 2 years now. It sure beats looking at an 11" monitor and using a cramped chiclet keyboard and touchpad. I was lucky that I didn't have to use any special docking station just a normal HDMI cable.

  • I like duck too, it's delicious :P

  • Another brivideo. I’m on 3rd generation hardware and it is perfectly sufficient. More common sense. Well said.

  • Interesting, and yes we do all work differently. I agree with the laptop idea that I have been this for years - to be exact 9 years, but on a MacBook Air. I got tired of always chasing problems with windows. Although I do miss excel. Settled with Apple’s numbers spread sheet and pages for documents. So the only difference with the way you work on laptop and I is I use iOS and you use windows. With iOS my laptop, my iPad, my iPhone all talk to each other through the cloud. Plus I use my Samsung TV as a very large screen via way of my ROKU. To conclude keep up your good presentation, very interesting.

  • Oh hell, I've worked in corp IT way too long... Looked at that dock and knew exactly what dock it was. Personally, I go for the next model up, but ya know...! Haha. I use the WD19 (I think it is) - across 2 x 27" monitors, an external kb/mouse, proper wired networking, and I use the laptop screen too just for email. And a pretty much duplicate desktop setup in the office. It's an absolute lifesaver for when I'm travelling - because, like you said - I want a desktop that I can pick up and go away with! (MacBooks, by the way, are quite happy using the Dell WD series, and the 3300!)

  • I have a full desktop pc, im building a new one right now too. graphically my current rig spanks my laptop when it comes to gaming and my recording setup is built around a traditional desktop, but my laptop is integral to my life. I use it incredibly frequently because I'm a student, its cpu is faster and less power consuming than my current desktop cpu, and it has 2 in 1 functionality. The key is work case. I would actually much prefer to only use my laptop and a doc but for gaming and power use (audio latency needs to be as low as possible while recording music) I would prefer to work on the most current reasonable desktop processor. It's about work case. don't shit on people for using the thing that makes the most sense for them. that's silly.

  • I agree with you totally.. I'm just using my desktop for home entertainment, gaming, cctv server and a backup storage Server... 😂

  • Bwahaha, we even have the same speakers, keyboard and shitty-noisy-usb-deskfan :') (same CPU & GPU in the laptop as well) - too bad mine doesn't accept power from USB-C, so I designed and 3D printed a "clip-on" side panel for the laptop (mini-dp/usbC hub/eth/external SSD)

  • some phones can connect to a screen through a dock.(guess you somewhat went a bit into it at the end though) don't know how well that actually work though. think laptops was and probably still are weaker than desktops but i think laptops have progressed a lot for the past few years. proper prebuilt desktops looks somewhat hard to find right now, finding a decent cheap one hasn't been much of an issue to me in the past. think there are plenty of things that don't require all the power...

  • I've been using a laptop + dock since 2006! I really thought things were sliding backwards when manufacturers removed the docking connectors off the bottom/back of the laptop, but USB-C/Thunderbolt has worked out fairly decently.

  • before i got rid of my old laptop in favor of building my own pc, i just hdmi connected my laptop to a monitor, never figured anybody did anything different

  • Once you get a dock + an external GPU BLOCK youre almost having an (ugly) desktop in terms of space + a computer that costs roughly twice the money for comparable specs.

  • When my desktop died, I spent a year plugging external perifery into the laptop. Plugging in one cable instead of three might be more convinient, but is it worth the money?

  • Commenting from the future brings so much convenience, the new M1 MacBooks are really great for your kind of work because of its power and ease of use for under $1000. Try it out

    • @Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors time for him to try out out 😂😂 I did, Never thought I would switch and liked it. Bought myself a refurbished 2012 MacBook Air for like US$300 7 years ago. Then it’s all Apple all the time, except a few Android tablets. The M1 Macs are really awesome, much to Intel’s demise, not Windows.

    • He’s just said he’s a Windows guy. Part of this video is about others trying to suggest that he is “doing it wrong”.

  • You can also plug in an external GPU as well so that you have high-end graphics for rendering and playing games

  • 800$ for a 1660ti or a complete gaming laptop for 999$? Choices (April 2020)

  • a beautiful review, not just for docks, but for creative life in general!

  • I love the idea of a doc especially with a super thin laptop. If they can get their act together with eGPU then I'll switch

  • Hell yeah, you just made it easy for me to BOONKGANG your life.

  • until you try to play a moderately demanding game.

  • 4:05 God dammit

  • a half hour video on something like a dock that can be summarized in a short paragraph. you sir, are a youtuber genius. the world needs more of you. can you make a video on a dishwashing sponge next? bonus points if its at least an hour long.

  • Oh yeah. Where are my Linux users who use 5-7+ year old laptops at? Still writing and building code day after day. I have even self-flagellated building Xorg on a Atom processor. Speaking of the Lumia, and being a Linux user, I have a PinePhone and we are slowly getting to the phone/laptop/desktop world.

  • My desktop is a mess of used parts, SSDs dangling everywhere, cables coming out of the case, side panel missing, yet its like 2000$ of equipment. Im over the whole master PC life because it sits under my desk, and occasionally i gotta rip all that junk out to take it to a friends house or something. Laptops will slowely take over. People only perpetuate desktops because of aesthetics, and "upgradibility", but whats the point if youre spending a grand every few years to upgrade parts. Why not just get a laptop each time. I use 3D modeling, my next PC might be a laptop, sounds lovely.

  • When you closed the laptop and the PC version was still on, I was sold.

  • "I like to work on my computer, not work on my computer. that's why I don't use Linux" :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • "delightfully buggy Adobe software" :-)-)-)-)-)-)

  • I use a dock at the school I work at and I really like it. I'm certain that I'm sticking to my laptop world and look into docks. I love my Microsoft Surface. I would love to use it like a cintique with a dock.

  • 16:40 That's actually why I do use Linux: because I don't want to be busy roaming the web for software that Apt can automatically install, constantly be worried about my antivirus being up to date, installing drivers for every new hardware I buy, and all the other shit that makes Windows unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. Btw, earlier in the same video you said that you have a Chromebook (and you use it). Newsflash: Chrome OS is Linux, so you are using Linux. Probably also on your phone, because Android is Linux.

  • 4:50 For those using Linux: you can just plug in your dock and it'll work, like pretty much every hardware in Linux. You're welcome.

  • I really enjoyed the linux part 😂😂 4:52

  • This. I've got a work issued laptop and a personal laptop. Being able to switch between the work and personal machines (including display, keyboard and mouse) with a single cable is really quite useful. I've started to see monitors available with built-in USB-C so maybe the next step is to just use the monitor with an integrated dock.

  • Linux joke was good 😀

  • I'm a software developer / consultant. So (before covid anyway) I was constantly visiting customers and NEEDED a laptop or I wouldn't be able to do anything there. Same with meetings (external & internal), everybody takes their laptop and somebody takes theirs to hook up to the beamer. Even when I had customers that force me to use one of their laptops (in the domain), I've never gotten a desktop ... EVER! What's more ... in the last 10 years I've rarely seen any company employee working on a desktop. Really ... full size desktop is mostly extinct in the corporate world. Even worse ... it would just be more annoying to switch between 2 machines too. Even with OneDrive and other tools to throw files between machines, that's no where near enough to make everything smooth to constantly switch over. On the fixed desk, I generally want 2 external monitors + the laptop's 17" screen for a total of 3 screens. My current machine still has multiple I/O options (even though 1 of them is VGA, it's better than nothing), but new machines (like Dell's XPS) pretty much force a dock by providing almost no ports at all anymore (not even ethernet or HDMI). Yeah ... it's getting difficult to find a decent business class 17" machine these days. Ya can't even seem to get a 17" HP ProBook/EliteBook anymore.

  • The special nylon architecturally fax because stepmother pharmacodynamically confuse notwithstanding a sturdy printer. elated, puzzled specialist

  • I kinda like this guy😂😂

  • can leave a bluetooth desktop mouse and keyboard on your desk and plug in an HDMi, and power cable and you have a desktop. Two cables instead of one, no additional compatibility issues to sort.

  • I have an external monitor, keypad and mouse that are linked to my MacBook Pro. I only use the laptop itself when I want to do a Zoom thing, and I use its camera. Okay Bye.

  • At around 17 minutes you riled up several Linux fanatics 😂. Suggestion, use a laptop cooler. Maybe that can help with thermal issue, also easy to install, and you can just keep it plugged in with your dock.

  • Just a quick tip - Remove the Intel Thermal Framework driver from Windows and it wont thermal throttle as bad. It throttles HARD at like 70 degrees with the driver, and not until around 90 without. Much more useable under load / gaming.

  • I already did this method a month ago until I got a new hand-me-down laptop from my mom. Cause the screen in the old laptop had a black line on it, so I used it as a desktop.

  • I haven't had any experience in cooperate environments outside of 2 short internships. Both used docked laptops. The first one was over 5 years ago and even then the laptops seemed quite old. They probably switched more than 10 years ago. I wonder how many companies still use desktops for their Microsoft Office faction of the workforce. During my second internship however my laptop failed and they pulled one of their old desktops out of the closet. Desktop is a bit of an overstatement, because it was absolutely tiny. Probably about the same volume as the laptop. I wonder if these laptops really saved much energy. Particularly because everyone used the laptop as a second or third display.

  • "Those who use linux, You have to just figure it out yourself like you do about everything else in your computer". That hit me hard :(

  • GRRM still uses an old DOS computer to write game of thrones. This is probably the reason why it's taking so long. So upgrade once in a while like every 5 years or so.

  • I need to replace my gamer fan with blue lights. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn't think the layout of the light strips through. It bares too close a resemblance to the symbol of a rather repulsive regime from the early 20th century led by a man with a silly copy of Charley Chaplains moustache. I don't want my computer to look like it belongs to Richard Spencer.

  • Sometimes it's just nice to have things. I own a strange slot 1 socket 370 hybrid computer for no reason.

  • I must say for basic office work, I enjoy using dex. It works very well when I want to send emails and don't want to type them out on my phone, or when I want to edit (full) excel sheets.

  • 0:54 I'm trying to focus on the blue lights and not the cable management! :)

  • This video is techtuber blasphemy. Suggesting that you don't need a gamer rig to run word processor or edit a short video!? Insanity! But seriously though I'm tired of techtubers acting like you need an incredibly overpowered rig for everything and claiming a $1000 pc is "budget". That's nonsense.

  • Great video, I am surprised I have never seen you. My work is super hot on the mobile idea and wants us all to toss our Desktops in exchange for laptops and I am hoping a good dock with still allow me to have a real work space.

  • I also have that Lumia 950 XL and the dock. Memories...

  • This video was the most interesting way to watch a review about laptop docking. Which I am currently in the process configuring for myself. Thank so much for being helpful and entertaining.

  • this video script has me laughing so hard

  • idk if dock support that but if you plug the laptop, and the monitor is setting up. can you also set the laptop as a second monitor?

  • People just never realise how big a loss is a idle time and transition time, particularly for a company. There is a reason why someone like linus doesn't upgrade big company's PCs every year, let alone massive company like Microsoft or google. They just never get money (which is the end result of efficiency, communicatiom, etc) gain by upgrading must be higher than the upgrade loss (or rather "investment) + money lost in training, intregation and idle (processing the upgrade). That's kinda why lots and lots of company still use avid and haven't yet switches to adobe or blackmagic. It's just not worth it.

  • I’ll stick to my usb cable 🤣

  • So the only issue I have with this video is, you shouldn't buy a laptop or desktop purely based on what you are going to do with it. In my opinion, you should only consider a laptop if you need something that is portable. Like if you need to bring a computer with you while traveling and a phone won't cut it. Desktops are usually way more affordable for several reasons.

  • @22:36 "[...]Desktop PCs have largely fallen out of favor..." A few month later...

  • If portability is important to you, and its performance doesn't feel like it's significantly incapable of the tasks you ask it to do, there's no reason you SHOULDN'T use a laptop. The main advantages only a desktop could accomplish are the superior power. I basically never leave my bedroom unless I have to and play a bunch of video games, so I couldn't see myself seriously using a laptop for an extended period. It's all about the context of the situation that warrants a judgment of whether or not a tool is appropriate for it. =D

  • I have a homemade dock, made from a USB 3.1 hub, with a usb3 ethernet and HDMI dongles attached, as well as the webcam and wireless keyboard doodad. Connects to my laptop via one USB 3.0 cable. No charging sadly. Recently I attached the usb 3 input to my samsung galaxy note 10 via the USB 2go dongle, and voila everything worked, ethernet, HDMI, webcam and keyboard and mouse all operated as peripherals on the phone. I even tried a thumb drive, worked as external storage. Amazing compatibility.

  • I mean a lot of people ask me on what kind of computer they should get, I always ask what is their use of the computer/laptop.

  • Some people use desktop computers as printer servers and nothing else!

  • You should check out gaming laptops when looking for a new laptop. They tend to regulate better temperature than slim ones

  • As a computer engineering student, I couldn´t agree more with your tech philosophy as a consumer. When you have a basic understanding of how computers and electronics work, you tend to realize that tech products (both hardware and software) are only tools. I'm pleasantly surprised that in today's day and age, there are content creators (who for many people are the main source of tech information) like you that know and share the differences between these two kinds of behaviors: a) Tech addictive consumption: typically found in people who think the fancier and more powerful their equipment gets, the more work they get done. They tend to upgrade their equipment every six months to a year. Also, don't understand how persuasive-driven tech companies are when designing their products (both hardware and software). They always overkill purchases. b) Minimalist tech consumption: found in people who understand how everything includes technology in today's world. They tend to think that you should look for tailored tech that fits your specific needs. Also, tend to prioritize simplicity over time-consuming complexity. They never overkill purchases.

  • Docks used to be better with actual expansion slots yes you can do this with thunderbolt but it will be much slower than a PCI-e X16 slot.

  • 7:04 Can we stop and appreciate the fact that he's playing the original 22 y.o. RollerCoaster Tycoon on a 4 K capable laptop?