Personal "air conditioners" aren't what they seem

Opublikowany 22 lip 2020
You know, it's one thing when a product has a limited scope and application. It's another when it's passed off as something greater than what it is. Learn why these fad devices are fad devices in this video.
Here's some of the stuff I referenced;
First, the channel HVACR Videos. This really is a fascinating channel if you're curious about what goes into commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and is a great resource for anyone looking to go into that trade;
The video I specifically referenced with the swamp cooler was actually two; in the second video, the swamp cooler is rebuilt.
Second, my old plugs;
Rice cooker:
Portable air conditioners:
Other assorted links;
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  • Americans must really love cooling thier swamps.

  • In albuquerque new Mexico you are about a mile up. There is very little humidity and many houses survive with just swamp coolers.

  • The Blaux is a piece of s...t! I live in Arizona, and its still a piece of S...T! The Blaux pads are lightly misted, the pads do not even set in a basin of water to soak. The pads dry out in 15 minutes, you have to remove them every 15 min and soak them in a pan of cold water to keep them wet. Its a pain in the ...! I was taken.

  • Why dont fridges need an exhaust?

  • He provided a lot of information. This is really a good video. Good job sir.

  • i tried out such a thing few years ago... and indeed, smellwise it turns into a swamp after few weeks

  • Thank you for your honest opinion and obvious knowledge on both A/C units and their wannabe personal coolers! ;) Great Video!!

  • swamp

  • I have a question for whomever it may concern. I work in the automotive industry and I have to take these tests that certify me to work with this chemical. I always wondered why in the world would they sell these to just about anyone.

  • But is it a decent small evaporative humidifier?

  • what replaces that can of coolant in car ac units when they get rid of it?

  • Swamp coolers were better for the environment and the users while A/C is driving up energy consumption and dries out indoor air causing dry eyes and dry sinuses.

  • Might be good for a dog house...

  • We had those in the automotive shop I worked in. They were about 5' wide by 7' tall and worked amazingly well. So well, in fact, that, you couldn't leave raw steel out or it would flash rust in no time due to the extra moisture in the air from the Swamp cooler.

  • In heat pumps, it is not good design to sling water on the condenser. :)

  • 13:50 It is instructive to note that only some of the condensate water will collect on the fins and drain down into the pan. The rest is lost due to evaporation caused by friction drag, since the face velocity in a standard AC unit is too high. HOWEVER, in a well-designed dehumidifier, friction drag is eliminated through careful coil design and proper face velocity which is determined by the CFM of the fan or blower and the surface dimension of the coil. In an AC unit, carryover is necessary, because we don't want the humidity in the cooled space to get too low. This is why it is important to properly size a central unit to the desired space, or else provide multiple fan speeds on portable and window units.

  • bruh this a humidifier

  • I just bought a big evaporative cooler. By the time the AC from the central unit gets in my room, its virtually useless. (Previous owner was a cheap ass and didnt get Dual zone cooling. Should be a requirement for homes with 3 floors (including the basement) I'm hoping the central unit can dehumidify enough to keep my room steady.

  • i had one of these in 1964 works if you have 20 ice packs for the time air wasnt very avaiable in 1964 my grandpa worked at the ice delivery he made his own in 1950 he said when i showed him mine

  • Ammonia and propane can also be used as a coolant.

  • Layman Question: Why exactly are desktop air conditioners 'impossible'? 25:07

  • There is a ad for a personal ac in the video!

  • Some school gyms have big swamp coolers instead of real air conditioners

  • I live in Delhi, India i have both cooler and split AC in my room. But cooler only works for months from April to June then monsoon comes and Moisture in air is too much and cooler fails, then use AC from July to September.

  • 🤣😂😅😆

  • My family uses ac in the house for the summer but I like it a lot colder, if they use the ac and I use this would it make my room even colder than the house, or not do anything?

  • I agree with the one person, I’m adult adhd and haven’t sat down and watched TV in like 10 years because I just can’t focus on anything more than about 4 or 5 min MAX as far as videos or television. I watched this entire video and actually heard everything he said and registered it! You sir have a gift for teaching!

  • These work really well in a desert. I was in Nevada for several years and alot of folks and businesses used swamp coolers,so cool.

  • Great video. I'm still considering getting one of these... I live at 3200ft elevation in the dry Sierra Nevada mountains. My nearby parents have a large swamp cooler for their house and have never used air conditioning and it worked quite well. I only need it to cool 200sqft

  • I tried a swamp cooler in my room, and it went from hot to hot and muggy. Went out and bought a used portable AC off Craigslist the very next day.

  • Many people in certain parts of the United States use Evaporative Coolers as a portable option of cooling a small space and because of the natural process heat doesn't have to be vented out. These coolers don't work in humid regions of the country. So I've always wondered why they can't use refrigerator/freezer technology to create small portable air conditioners to cool small spaces. If you stick your hand in a freezer the air blowing out is colder than air coming out of a window AC, yet the refrigerator either vents little to no heat that you can feel. This doesn’t make sense because we are told you can't have a refrigerant based air conditioner without venting out the hot air yet refrigerators contradict that. Even if a small AC using the refrigerator method doesn't produce enough cold air to cool an entire house or large room they would make effective small room coolers similar to Evaporative coolers but a little colder. Such a portable space cooler would sell off the shelves especially in the Southeast United States where swamp coolers don't work. I'm surprised no one is doing this.

  • What’s a good option if you can’t have a window AC?

  • I love them! I fill mine up with ice then water and it lasts me all night and I keep it on my night stand. It doesn't cool a room but it blows some cool air on you.

  • great vid

  • People that buy personal air conditioners don't understand how air conditioners work.

  • I bought this to cool off my nuts in the summertime and now I just have swamp nuts

  • For the record, better & more economic computer duster? A vacuum motor... But going the other way. These are sold as 'Electric Dusters' or even 'DataVac's.

  • "and the oceans aren't boiling" caption: 'yet' hahahaha this made me subscribe.

  • Swamp coolers work in Arizona. I think he's right, it depends on where you are and what your weather is normally like. That should 'dictate' whether you invest in one of these units not 'HYPE'. And shop like a smart shopper shops for anything... look for a deal!

  • Do one on wurly birds.

  • Fun Fact: A refrigerant already exists that is bio-compatible, non-ozone depleting, has a GWP of 1, non-flammable and is already proven to work in properly designed systems! R-744 The fact that it is readily and cheaply available and can't be economically monopolized has nothing to do why we don't use it, of course. * winking emoji *

  • In the California citrus orchards, freezing water is used to protect the fruit, for the same reason; the water gives up huge amounts of heat to the orchards as it changes phases from liquid to solid.

  • Doesn’t even have enough space for a compressor

  • "Water is, believe it or not, a substance" Dear Scott my mind is blown.

  • So that explains why I've never heard of these "swamp coolers" in my area, 80% humidity (especially in the summer) is considered low. Those things would basically never work here, except maybe indoors where we have AC. I once had a friend that told me about how his family took a road trip to a dessert area, then drove back without really stopping. When they got back here (with a car full of nice dry air), he said opening the car door was like opening an oven door. Even those the temperature here was a good 20 degrees lower or so, the nearly 100% humidity made it feel way hotter.

  • "Yeah, the ozone still hasn't forgiven us for that one." - LOL! omg, it's so true though.

  • I live in one of the few places the swamp cooler works well. $20 a month to run it round the clock if you want it a nice 64 degrees inside (gets to about 105 around my parts). It’s ridiculously easy to fix if it breaks too.

  • I love how this video became all about air dusters 101

  • So a swap cooler would be absolutely horrendous in a swamp

  • I don't think I've ever seen or heard of these in the UK. 😅

  • Computer duster sprays just use butane/propane/isopropane mixes like any standard aerosol uses for its propellant, without anything else added, in the UK (and maybe EU). I always assumed that American standards for products were more lax when it comes to environmental impact (ignoring any CO2 propaganda), because the UK/EU like to restrict and regulate to death anything we use, and the USA prefers a more 'hands-off' approach and require a lot more evidence of harm when used regularly.

  • freeon is still the best, its free after all

  • ROFLcopter goes swamp swamp swamp swamp swamp swamp

  • The only time or situation I see these working for me is if I made one for myself at Burning Man. Florida is obviously a bad place for them lol.

  • Now just a dang minute. We had R12 outlawed supposedly because of environmental issues. And now you tell us we are using other types that also have the same issues? My head hurts. I thought we changed to safe compounds.

  • These things blow (and not in a good way).

  • I do have one of these. It was sold as a "cooler, humidifier and purifier". No bullshit about aircon. I use it, with ice, to make my desk-space more bearable in a heatwave, because my only aircon is a single hose device which, as we know, doesn't work when it's hot outside.. For that restricted purpose, it does provide a limited but useful utility. I had never seen one promoted by an influencer.

  • I spend a month every summer in a cottage with no internet, phone, or air conditioning. I love being disconnected from it all. We are grateful when the tourists don't all use their hair dryers ar once, so that we might have our fans on to sleep. Humidity very high as we're literally on the Sound. Would a swamp cooler help? For just the room we are sleeping? The humidity is the worst part.

  • SWAMP cooler? I know a big green man who might be interested.

  • Sounds just right for Phoenix AZ. It is of course an arid place. So arid, that planes are usually stored there. Also I believe Phoenix is the Hottest lived in city in all of the US. It would sale like hotcakes. But, even in it's optimum environment. How well would it work?

  • Unusable in Florida apparently smh

  • Yeah we just use shittier refrigerants now with terrible heat transfer or like r1234yf flammable and require better sealing methods, genius!🤦‍♂️

  • “For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier. I put them in the same room and let them fight it out.” Steven Wright.

    • nice quote! But now I want to know which one won! :P

  • I think "humidifying fan in a box" might be a more accurate title. :-\

  • works best if you outside with low humidity. over here in Mesa, Arizona with it being over 100 outside with a good personal swamp cooler i can get air to 60f to 80f and one thing to consider is it takes about 30 to 60 minutes to cool down its not a ac you can just plug it in and cool air.

  • I ordered a full size portable evaporative cooler off amazon for $38 in "used - acceptable" condition. They are $200 new. I got it for use in my RV while in dry regions such as Arizona.

  • i have never approved of any cooling device that throws water at me

  • The really bad thing about those small evaporative coolers, is if you used them in an appropriate climate like mine, the amount of water in them is not going to last very long at all. Given a mobile Evaporative Cooler I've used(About the size of a Portable Air Conditioner cept with no hose) can burn through several gallons in a day with ease.

  • (for context, I'm Chilean) I got one of those some years ago, and while it kiiiind of worked, the effect was barely noticeable due to humidity being around 40, 50% in central Chile, but a friend's relatives that live in northern Chile near the Atacama desert claim these work amazingly well. We didn't know why at the time, now we do!

  • This makes me laugh. I work at a utility company and one of the service garages have a big evaporative cooler inside, it smells like literal ass and the garage actually feels warmer than outside. Why doesn't it work? hmm... could be that it's Florida in the summer where 90-100% humidity is almost a daily occurrence. I explained to the workers that they are doing nothing but blowing stinky humid air around- they shrugged it off and said that they fought hard to get their "air conditioner"....

  • Water is technically a refrigerant. you could make water evaporate on some surface to cool it down and pass air on the other side to cool and dehumidify as long as the water side is seperated and leaves to the outside. It's just not a lot of energy and if you use a fan, the fan probably produces more heat than the water absorbs, would like to test if thats true

  • PSA: don't use refrigerant chemicals to get high. From: someone that used them to get high. It's been 15 years and I'm still reaping from that stupidity. And probably will get worse as I age until I develop lung disease or something and die. Which, btw, I've seen. It's not an easy peaceful death. Suffocating on air for months and weeks never could be. Take care of your body kids. If you're like me you might not care now but it's a shame to try to make a life worth living only to have your earlier reckless decisions holding you back. Also I have no idea if it's related but migraines are awful and there's really very little treatment options. Just as there's few treatment options when you damage critical parts of your organs.


  • "These aren't air conditioners by any stretch of the imagination" Well, thats where you are wrong. Since they modify properties of the air, technically, they are conditioning the air, therefore ... they are air conditioners. (just not like those we are used to). Aussies use rather term "heatpump" for traditional aircons because it pumps the heat (either from or into the house). tbh - why not? It is actually more precise term than original.

    • @An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd true. Although the humidity removal works only in cooling mode, not in heating mode.

    • Regular AC also removes moisture from the air though, so heat pump isn't actually more accurate. You're right about these also conditioning the air though.

  • What about table-top humidifiers? Would they cool better that that crappy device under low humidity conditions?

  • I grew up calling a swamp cooler a box fan laid on top of a bucket of ice

  • Hi Tech Connections! Your videos have got me incessantly thinking about the thermodynamics of household objects and I have a question for you: why is it not commonplace for fridges + houses (in hot climates) to have a ventilation system for moving the hot air that fridges produce to outside? Surely if you just have a nice insulated path to outside, even without fans, it would reduce cooling costs a lot.

    • Some just have them outside on the porch that works too.

  • The cassettes in your display demonstrate improper storage! Tapes stored on their sides can cause the spool to slouch with gravity and create a squeaking sound when played or even help the tapes to get chewed up if they’re cheaply made or played in an old/worn or cheaply made cassette deck. Shame on you. Shame.

  • Wym “yet” fam????

  • "the oceans arent boiling" tiny caption at the bottom: "...yet" Edit: i just realized theres another comment like this but whatever

  • If you are in an environment with very low humidity, evaporative cooling can work, BUT.... It is a function of the surface area used. In other words, the small surface area of the paper media in this unit (perhaps 8") is silly. You'd produce a dramatically better results by using a spray bottle and spritzing, say, an area of your carpet.

  • Living in Arizona with 120-degree dry heat, swamp coolers are really nice to have

  • I live in southern california and our hottest part of the year comes coupled with 0% humidity, so I grew up with swamp coolers being the only cooling available, in those conditions they are great.

  • The personal air coolers are no good in the humidity!

  • Unless you stick it in your shirt it's to small to be usefull for anything.


  • Swamp coolers work great in dry climate s but in high humidity climate they are worthless.

  • You need to do a video on those bi-metallic electric coolers

  • Every one of these will do jazz hands if you spend one week in Kazad dum and snap your tallywhacker on garbage day.

  • Swamp coolers are really nice for me as I live in southern California

  • Can I please have the link to purchase the shirt?

  • where they are made (in China) they only cost around 10 USD

  • Do we really need to buy cans of duster anymore? The perfect solution is in this video. And it’s something everyone should own or already does own.... 7:54 🤔

  • “Yet” 😂😅😫😖😭

  • My parents' first brand-new car was a 1962 Rambler Classic, with no air conditioning. Since we sometimes drove from the Los Angeles area to visit relatives in Colorado in summer, the drive could get really uncomfortable. So they bought a cylindrical cooler that mounted in the top of the passenger side window. It helped only a little bit. Hanging a wet towel in the window would have worked just as well. Opening the wing windows worked just as well, too. When they bought a used International Travelall, it was great to have a real air conditioner... until the time smoke started coming out the vents just as we were heading into the worst of the desert. It had lost all its Freon.

  • Evaporative cooling systems are used to great effect in industrial applications, when forming part of full and proper cooling infrastructure. Modern data centres use these for massive efficiency gains as primary cooling systems (in suitable climates), however they are best paired with a supplementary AC system for humidity control and capacity assistance when required.

  • Legionella

  • "Not MY much"

  • california was MAAADE for evaporative coooing baby

  • Most people who've worked in an office building have experienced a swamp cooler before. Hell, if you've ever bought food from a fast food restaurant in America. Most of those are swamp coolers, not proper air conditioners.