Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?

Opublikowany 29 lis 2020
Yes indeed, these are silly! Very silly! But, mesmerizing.
Strings of text which take you places!
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  • This year, I'm all experimenting-with-colorsed out, so we won't be doing the traditional Painting of the Fairy Lights. Perhaps we'll do it again next year, but I've been seeing some small progress on the "make colored LED light sets exactly how I want!" front - a few people have sent me some sets where they 1) have a yellow (!) and B) that yellow is really just a white LED with a yellow cap! So maybe next year the mysterious festive lighting conglomerates of the world will finally get their act together in the particularly pedantic way I want them to.

    • @Kannon Saint yup, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself :)

    • a trick : you can watch movies on flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    • My grandmother has some with replaceable bulbs

    • A 200+ volt full-wave bridge rectifier, a (post-bridge) capacitor, and a (post-capacitor) resistor, 700-ish ohms (or do the math for your string set... or use a pot like I do -- two poles only if you don't want to burn down your house! -- to bring DC voltage back down below 120v), and viola, flicker-free LED Christmas lights! 30hz, 60hz, rectified 120hz, I see 'em all; especially when my excessive vitrious floaters move past them in my peripheral vision. Can't can't can't stand LED flicker of any Hz! Plus, even for those who can't consciously discern the flicker (but know that you can train yourself to see it), it's still not good for your stress levels, migraines, epilepsy, fun stuff. Now I love LED strings! Safe, cheap, gorgeous. You'll thank me later.

    • hey i am wondering if you can help me i have been to menards 5 times and bought so many replacement bulbs how do yours bubble i left mine on for 5 hours but no bubbles my yellow ones worked for a while my blue ones never did and my red ones work fine any ides? also i took one apart and its wax at the bottom perifin wax if you want a pic i can show you

  • You aren't going to mention how phallic the diagrams on the patent look?

  • Use a current-capable diode inserted somewhere in the light's power feed to rectify the AC to pulsed, half phase DC. Reduces the power consumed & will drastically increase life of bubblebulbs.

  • Oh my god I actually cheered when he said Menards lmao Not even Florida can take the midwesterner outta me (Also side not I've only ever seen these at my grandparent's house, along with a plethora of weird obscure and old christmas light decorations)

  • I had to pause the video, and just sit there and face palm for a good few minutes with that opening pun Well done

  • I love your Christmas lights series of videos, wrong I like all your videos, but those bubble lights look atrocious

  • I actually got myself a set. I never had them in my childhood yet they still make me remember simpler times.

  • I love bubble lights! I wish I knew what happened to the replaceable-bulb ones that my parents had in the 1960's.

  • I love my bubble lights

  • M’nards

  • I'm pretty sure we had a different style of these when I was a kid and you could replace just the bulb.

  • They look like but plugs! So probably thats why he loves them! Lol 😂

  • I had one of these, just used it as a night light, it never worked but I liked it nevertheless

  • My grandmother always had these awesome to know how they work!

  • My family intentionally decorates our house in a 1950s style for Christmas, so these lights are EVERYWHERE

  • I never saw these as Christmas tree lights, but I did have a couple as night lights when I was a kid. I liked them because you could hear them boil.

  • I'd never heard of them before.

  • Your history with these echoes mine. It was my maternal grandparent and I thought they were so cool. Everyone else in may family said they were really old and out of style. I own one night light that uses one of these lights which is kind of interesting

  • So, if you lived in Australia, you could have these out and working year-round without ever even having to turn them on!

  • 👍

  • Wait these lights contain DCM?!?!?! Nilered is gonna buy these in bulk and get the DCM out for experiments, haha

  • its pronounced mah nards like you've ben kicked in the nether region

  • We use these on our tree and some places will sell a 1 or 2 pack of replacement bulbs.

  • Didnt even know these were a thing

  • When I was growing up we had these as plug in night lights around Christmas time. Like little calf-level sconces.

  • Honestly thought I was the only person who says A) and 2) as my bullet points

  • pltools.info/it/p4x91dt_xHmK25s/wideo

  • They actually DID have a version that had user replaceable lights. Or to be more specific, just the bubbler part attached to a plastic casing you would clip onto a standard incandescent Christmas light string wherever you felt like. I think I still have some in my tangle of lights in the attic.

  • Next time you’re in Florida, go to Captiva and check out The Bubble Room.

  • i have never ever seen anything like these lights

  • you got it from ya whats?

  • Makes me miss my grandma.

  • these have always been my favorite christmas lights

  • A. this is no effort november. And 2 I like these things!

  • 5:07 "This website I found..." Ah yes, the little known and rarely visited Wikipedia.

  • No user serviceable parts inside? Has someone been reading Rainbow's End?

  • Imagine me trying to explain to my husband why I’m trying to order Christmas lights in February.

  • A Midwesterner myself: “and saved 11%” Oh I get that joke, it sucks hearing that, especially when there’s a Farm and Fleet ad right before it giving 10% off or what ever. It mail and rebate at menards so you gotta mail in your recipe and that’s annoying”

  • OMG, your jokes are the best. i just watch all your videos because the really really bad jokes that make me laugh . keep the good job.

  • Me: How do you make an 8 minute video about bubble lights? Tech Connections: "When I woke up this morning..." Me: ahhhh i get it.

  • DCM is one of my favorite polar solvents!!

  • I remember the first time I went to Menards it was a magical experience I have fell in love with that place ever since the closest one to me for a long time was approximately 2 hours away and yes I did drive it to go get things from that store because I enjoyed it that much that's 2 hours each way not together they finally built two and actually a building a third one in a very close proximity to me now so I'm quite happy and geographically I'm in the Mid-Ohio valley region right on the Ohio River

  • Morris Kirschstein or Hirschstein

  • :48 "Advent" 😆

  • I’ve never seen this type of light before, very interesting!

  • I have taken the bases of these apart when they have burned out before. My trouble was finding a suitable replacement bulb to put inside that would generate enough heat, and then of course the base will not look as nice after breaking open the glued seam

  • We have had these for as long as I can remember

  • When I was a kid they had little alligator clips to hold them on the branch. The new ones don't and are hard to keep upright. Any suggestions on this?

  • A) Excellent video 2) Excellent end-credit sequence!

  • I can see this stuff being applied to make cool Halloween decorations. I decorate more for Halloween and am very disappointed with the quality of decorations sold at stores. It'd probably be kinda dangerous to try to make my own self-bubbling potion bottles.

  • since boiling is turning liquid into gas, and gas takes up more space than liquid, then why doesnt the pressure build up?

  • I’m 67 and I remember these lights from when I was 6 years old ( 1960 ) back then the glass holding the liquid could be pulled out and used to replace any others that might be broken , for years I looked for these in stores and nobody sold them ( I had such found memories of them as a child ) now they are back in fashion ! Guess what I’m saying is they are GREAT and I’m glad they are available again ! Hopefully they make wonderful memories for new generation of Christmas tree bubble light watchers !

  • I grew up with these on my tree, and they were my favorite

  • Canadian Tire’s brand Noma had these last year and they had replaceable bulbs. The vial pulled out vertically to allow access beneath.

  • What do you push when you make a call an edit? You touched something on your right side.

  • Where do you get all those wonderful t shirts from?

  • 4:45. As a fellow Midwesterner, I felt that in my soul.

  • My grandpa had bubble lights and my favorite thing to do as a kid around the holidays was cozy up on the chair and watch them bubble

  • Methylene chloride is also the same liquid used in the drinking bird toys!! Shoutout to theengineerguy for teaching me that.

  • Didn't Whirlitzer jukeboxes use the same idea, just much longer tubes?

  • My 4th grade teacher had these on the Christmas tree in our classroom.

  • Lionel and American Flyer also put bubble tubes in some of their operating model train accessories to simulate flowing oil or water going through pipes. Personally have a Lionel oil derrick, and the yellow bubble tube is my favorite part, though the working pump is nice too. As a kid of the 90s, I can remember our Christmas tree having bubble lamps on it, and even then I thought they were cool to watch.

  • I love the menards shout out!!! ❤️ I had never seen these before either until I started dating by boyfriend.... his family always uses these.

  • This brought back memories of my paternal grandfather's house at Christmas. Thank you for that.

  • I had these growing up in the 70s as a child. Cherished memories.

  • I never seen those here in Germany, but as soon as I saw them bubble I thought "Oh no, they didn't". I worked with DCM in a lab and although it is not the healthy stuff, I chose it over other solvents if I had the choice. But in a house? I suppose they are forbidden here for they are little disasters waiting to happen.

  • My family had some that looked like mult-colored birds but I can’t find them anywhere online. Must’ve been from 80’s.

  • Save big money at Menaaaaards!

  • Menards! My favorite store

  • Bubble lights! My Baba had those! I was just thinking about them a couple of days ago. I'm so happy they are still available! Cool!

  • As a midwesterner, the Menard's shtick got me pretty good.

  • No mention of why they don't build pressure and explode? Seems like a missed opportunity...

  • I had these growing up and the ones my family used had replaceable glass containers with different colors

  • Ha Ha Ha!!! Guess what i use on my tree???...A combination of Bubble lights and random twinkling mini lights!! Real tree with cast iron base and an LGB G gauge train underneath......

  • Ow, Menards!


  • Expensive; they rarely work, at least my wife and I have never owned any that have worked

  • 3:22 but metric degrees can also be Kelvin, so i think its better to say "celsius" or "centigrade"

  • You saying, "A and 2" while listing points at 4:30 is possibly the most subtle Home Alone reference ever. I love it.

  • It wasn't until I watched this that I noticed bubble lights at the beginning of Home Alone 2.

  • Electric lights aren't safe, you say? Then I guess I'll ditch those electric lights for candles on my tree, just like great-grandma and great-grandpa used to do.

  • Yesterday I was seeing the "Home alone 2" movie on tv and I saw the light(s)! A link where you can find the exact moment: pltools.info/it/f4Z8wNqHmYKomps/wideo

  • We had one bubble light. Added to our tree about 1960, when I was 8. I loved it! And I’m from Minnesota, dontchaknow? Menards are wonderful stores. We also had one ornament that was a very lightweight birdcage sort of frame with a pinwheel suspended horizontally in it. It was placed slightly over a lightbulb who’s rising heat created the air lift to spin the pinwheel. As a kid, these were fascinating to watch. I still stared for long times at our tree as a teenager. Now with the little twinkle lights that wouldn’t work. Around the time my first grandson was born and lived with us, 1992, I started collecting little houses, a carousel, several different objects that spin. A bulb is removed and these ornaments plug in to the bulb’s socket. One was Santa and Rudolph driving a golf cart. Just no end to what can catch your fancy! My grandson loved that because his Grandpa golfs, so to Dylan, he and Grandpa were Santa and Rudolph.

  • haha i dont wanna be an ass but with the haircut you look super simmilar to dolby from jimmy neutron xD

  • i had a night light just like one of those! :o i had no idea they made like, strings of them or used them for christmas decoration.

  • Those are the ugliest lights I've ever seen 🤣🤣 I'll stick to my simple LEDs

  • I never heard of these before. Pretty cool.

  • I don't remember seeing these lights, even in the 80s. I'm from Africa

  • That opening pun was so cheesy I had to instantly subscribe

  • *And that can only mean one thing:" Me: you forgot to take your meds? Me: mine we better

  • It's actually not hard to cut the seam with an exacto knife. The trickier part is breaking the glue around the bulb. Never bought but one string. By now about half the bubblers are 'reconditioned'. You can also do other fun things with the removed tops, like putting them on top of house lamps, a real payoff here. Last Christmas, one bubbler was the 'star' on my tree, two bubblers were nightlights, and the rest, hats off, were on the house lamps. Much happiness that year.

  • I came of age in the 70's, so I remember these well. Another thing from that time that I remember, is C7 bulbs (incandescent, of course) that were opaque like the usual bulbs, but with unusual coloring - instead of plain blue, green, red, etc. they were metallic gold or silver, pearly white, and so on. Some colors looked like lipstick. Maybe they were called satin-glo?

  • I’m watching Home Alone 2, and noticed the bubble light on the tree in the opening shot of the Christmas Pageant (around 05:30 into the movie) for the first time!

  • One of my relatives had a set of these in the 1980s, that's the only place I've ever seen them.

  • But did you save big money???

  • I had a set as a kid, and yes, they had replaceable bulbs. You could pull out the bubble stem. However, they were wired in series, so eventually the wire just gave out. They were c.1976 bulbs. The stuff at the bottom looked like salt.

  • STORY TIME: i never ever heard about these lights in my life. I'm 42, but European so maybe they're not a thing overhere. So i watch your video on them yesterday. I'm intrigued and thinking i would've loved them as a child. In the evening the misses says; let's watch Home Alone 2. So the movie starts and there's the scene in the beginning where the McCallister kids have their school choir thingy. When that scene starts, first visible is a christmas tree decorated with....... BUBBLE LIGHTS. They're so in frame, Chris Columbus must've done it on purpose. Like a little throwback to his childhood or something. Man, for all these years i didn't notice them and i watch a video on them and BOOM a couple of hours later i spot them in one of my favorite xmas movies. Nice job!

  • HUH no comment from BigClive that is strange since he has been making those for years now

  • My grandma had those lights in her Christmas tree when I was a kid during the late 70s ! I didn't know they turned on. She used them just as ornaments, so I guess they were already broke back then. And this was in Magallanes, at the south south south Chile.

  • I love bubble lights. Much better than the modern sterile "white only" LED lights.