What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?

Opublikowany 21 lis 2020
Yep! Gonna get questionably gloopy!
Seriously, Don't try this at home. Only use chemicals in ways they're meant to be used. Be good :)
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  • Well, no effort was put towards my hair at least. Edit to add: I definitely should have worn safety glasses! My bad.

    • At least you have hair. I was losing mine at 28. God damn genes

    • Nah on the safety glasses. YOLO No fun without a little danger.

    • @bigclivedotcom Has some expertise in this area

    • Hi, i have just recieved my first lava lamp. it's instruction tells me the ingredients of the liquid straight away. "The contents of the glass: distilled water, wax colouring agent triphenylmethane+monomethine" Although you will still need to figure out the proportions by yourself I hope it was helpful :)

    • SDS for Idea Nuova Lava Lamp 50.20% distilled water 14.20% Paraffin 10% Sodium chloride 10% Sodium sulfate 15% Propylene glycol 0.5% Glydant (preservative) 0.07% Liquid paint 0.03% Wax Paint

  • Many years ago took my family on a Sunday, to visit a friend of ours,they had a lava lamp in the living room,my son was enthralled looking at it,curiosity got the best of him,he decided to pick it up.Not realizing it was hot he dropped it on the floor smashing the bottle open,I tried cleaning it up as best I could,the stain never came out completely.On subsequent visits the stain on the rug reminded me of that day.

  • Adding salt to the water to make the wax float reminds me of how they put Epsom salt (MgSO4) in flotation tanks to make it easier for people to float in them.

  • Good video, thanks.

  • How many cans of brakeleen do I need for a 10 foot tall lava lamp?

  • Wax. Saved you half an hour, you're welcome.

  • Friggin' Greg. Can't stand that guy sometimes.

  • Ohh I want 1

  • really nice

  • with all the years you've devoted to this attempt to steal LL technology...you could have gone to work at a LL factory and found out the real process.

  • The lava lamp is patented so should not be copied. Just go buy one.

  • Don’t worry too much. Brake clean only causes cancer in California. Lol

  • I liked orange with context lamp the best

  • One thing they are not, that is useless. they are actualy used in internet encryption.

  • Kosher salt? Please. What difference would it make if it was kosher or not.

  • Flava Flamps

  • I kinda wanna but one of your bucket lamps. Anyone can go to Walmart and get a Lava lamp ... no one has a Lava Bucket!

  • Yeah, Greg!

  • Doesn’t the dish soap mess with your goop since it’s both hydrophily and lipophil? That could cause some clouding. Maybe theres something else available to lower surface tension.

  • youtube is it....

  • *I like your lava lamp, the bottle in a bucket, much more than that ugly generic aluminium shapes.*

  • It's a mystery, nobody knows, not even science

  • 5 We'll get to that by 9:16 that's gotta be a world record friend.

  • *Chubby Emu has entered the chat

  • I love your bucket wine bottle lamp!!!!

  • Crayons should do nicely

  • Just found this channel. I originally clicked with no intention to watch the whole thing. I just wanted to find out what the goop is. It didn't take long before I was hooked to watch the whole thing. You made the information interesting, and I absolutely loved all the humor in it. I subscribed and look forward to watching more of your videos. I also like that you don't have the cliche european accent too. That's way overplayed, and I, for one and tired of them. Thank s again for such great, entertaining, and informative content.

  • You should get the SDS on actual lava lamps for Poison control reasons and you can figure out how they make commercial lava lamps

  • So, do I just use less salt in the water since the I wont use the chemical in the wax?

  • Its lava, isn’t it.

  • Can anyone help? The lava in my lava lamp isnt sinking very well. I assume there isnt enough of a gradient. Would taking the "hat" off help? Any other ideas?

  • OK I'll be patient

  • I love the Commodore shirt ! :)

  • Delicious

  • So wheres the part where this becomes LSD??? It says somewhere that you’re supposed to ingest the LSD and suddenly even empty glass bottles become lava lamps.

  • Learned this from skating...use crayons to dye the wax...

  • Is there a video tour of those colored squares and how they were made and what's in them because they are fascinating.

  • 8:18 " adding a little raw titanium dioxide powder " _aah, yes!_ My first thought as well!

  • Blue jigglies

  • I dunno man, the look of having bubbles full of sunken paint looks pretty damn cool.

  • Bouyant and "sinkyant", amazing. Your sense of humor is finely tuned to my personality, I'm glad I've found your channel.

  • I had one that froze. Yes it was ruined and the wax surprisingly seemed to mix with the water.

  • Solidly going to try this at home. I'm very sorry Mr connections

  • Great Video & Love the T Shirt! :-)

  • I love the fact that Chubbyemu's Lava Lamp drinking video is in the recommendations of this one.

  • Ya basic honey, The CloudFlare headquarters use a set of those lava lamps as a random code generator. [From Tom Scott] pltools.info/it/Z5uOtsiGyIeZzMo/wideo

  • I like how you added context to the orange wax in the lava lamp

  • Water does the opposite because its cheeky

  • Clearly

  • Fun fact! Brakleen can eat through nitrile gloves!

  • 15:41 After all those hard to pronounce words...... you slap us with a "pokey thing".

  • There is absolutely no need to call the salt "kosher" salt. Not only is all (plain, as in, not licked off by Tibetan virgin goats and recrystallised from their spit in jade troughs over charcoal made from the eyelashes of lice) salt (as in, sodium chloride for consumption) kosher by nature and necessity, the quality that makes it being sold as "kosher salt" (more appropriately "kosherING salt") as opposed to, say "table salt", is its grain size. Which is to say, a property that is utterly and completely irrelevant for applications in which the salt in question is DISSOLVED.

    • @An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd Which is still irrelevant because by the time the solution comes into use, ALL salt has dissolved anyway. Whether it takes a few seconds more or fewer to stir is of exactly zero consequence.

    • Kosher salt dissolves more easily because the structure has a much larger surface area. It's like the difference between an ice cube and a hand full of snow.

  • Came for the lava lamps, stayed for the Ed Hardy wine.

  • @8:41 No, you experimented with blue, yellow, and ORANGE.

  • I love Lamp!

  • I’m not sure if this was clear enough? 😂

  • Brown looks like diarrhea lamp...

  • How did you grab that without gloves? I’ve burnt myself doing that.

  • Wait, it's not lava?

  • I wonder if they just radical halogenate paraffin to put in the lamps.

  • If you’re looking for larger quantities of wax for a good price, I’ve had wonderful luck shopping on beauty supply sites, instead of candle/crafts sites. (It’s used in moisturizing wax dips/wax baths.)

  • 17:00 r/watchpeopledieinside

  • I actually used food coloring to revitalize the color life of my lava lamp...its worked pretty well. Also your background set is amazing haha...

  • I bought 3 lava lamps after watching this and I think I need about 12 more for each room of my house

  • Never understood what's so great about them. looks like jizz in a swimming pool

  • 6:43 is the peak of comedy it's beyond any compliments at my disposal

  • For color, why not use real oil, instead of oil paint? Motor oil for oragne, ATF for red, CHF for green, Royal Purple for purple.

  • If that brake stuff is hydrophobic, can other hydrophobic spray work like the stuff you spray on your boots to make them water proof or spray onna tent of the same thing? Also the stuff they put on aquasand?

  • "HCl and possibly phosgene" holy shit

  • 00:05 LOL I love your honesty! ...as I pointed out on a prior video. You do love to be thorough and "no effort" gets in your way of perfection =D

  • Then there's me....using brake parts cleaner to wash my hands....

  • I've always been fascinated by lava lamps, so this was really interesting. I'm surprised at how complicated they are. (Not the lamp itself, but the formula.) I wonder how the inventor ever came up with it.

  • 'Blob lamp' if you are buying a generic one in the UK. 😅

  • clear

  • I'll soon have lava lamps ads everywhere

  • 4 in the morning 24 minute video of the process of making lava lamps with no intent to do so myself Me: dont mind if i do

  • Was it really brown that you experimented with? Or dark orange?

  • California Proposition 65: Almost everything will cause cancer or other health issues.

  • Never heard "We'll get to that/More on that later" so much in my life.

  • "i'm pretty pro-LED for all the things" - has an incandescent bulb right behind him

  • I have a suggestion regarding the paraffin wax and coloring I don’t know if anyone has done this or suggested it but my dad used to make a candles from solid white wax which was basically paraffin and what he did to do the coloring is he used Kranz and it stayed a lot more than a lot of the dice do for wax candle making so that’s just my suggestion try it out because candles are basically made from the same thing just a more dense form of color and with wax it was supposed to say Kranz are basically made of the same thing but with more coloring then wax in it

  • Yeah, Brakleen of all flavors is still available in Illinois.

  • clearly, this video is great XD. i was laughing my ass off the whole time

  • I had gotten a rainbow lava lamp I got for Christmas 2018 but due to my bedroom being more of an indoor fully closed back patio no insulation one day I came home from school I saw this weird goo and glass all over my carpet I was upset and crying when I found out my lava lamp had shattered 2 weeks after Christmas R.I.P. rainbow lava lamp I miss you

  • It’s like a convection current

  • I will have you know that your concern for environmental impact in disposing of your experiment here has earned you my subscription, excellent work sir!

  • 👍

  • I bought the giant 27" inch one. No matter what i do, the wax stays in two parts: a pool on the bottom that does nothing, and a raft of wax staying at the top also doing nothing. I bought the correct bulbs direct from Lava....what's wrong?

  • most brake cleaners are now un-chlorinated. my shop only once bought it and it was certainly nastier.

  • brake clean can also be useful in winter when your engine won't start

  • I've cleaned my hands and arms with brake cleaner all my life, never knew it might cause cancer lol. Oh well

  • Clearly

  • Oil red or Sudan black should dissolve in the paraffin, and not settle

  • Candle and soap makers use mica powder

  • Make sure your lava lamp has a nice aroma

  • Gorilla Glue on your hair. Got it.

  • Damn Greg.

  • #flavaflamps

  • Wonder if you could use chloroform instead of brakleen.

  • smoøʃh