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25:48What the Crookes Radiometer can teach us
What the Crookes Radiometer can teach uswyświetleń 461K21 dzień temu
9:36Analog Hygrometers - how?
Analog Hygrometers - how?wyświetleń 332KMiesiąc temu
18:28These digital clocks aren't digital at all
These digital clocks aren't digital at allwyświetleń 575KMiesiąc temu
23:21In Defense of the CFL: A Retrospective
In Defense of the CFL: A Retrospectivewyświetleń 616K2 miesięcy temu
35:15Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heating
Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heatingwyświetleń 1,2M3 miesięcy temu
21:12The GeoSafari Jr. was a cleverly flexible kid's game
18:25Reusable handwarmers that get hot by freezing
Reusable handwarmers that get hot by freezingwyświetleń 1,1M4 miesięcy temu
28:34Humidifiers: Simpler is better?
Humidifiers: Simpler is better?wyświetleń 727K4 miesięcy temu
8:01Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?
Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?wyświetleń 421K6 miesięcy temu
24:16What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?
What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?wyświetleń 1,1M6 miesięcy temu
14:21The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours
22:05Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and How
Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and Howwyświetleń 687K8 miesięcy temu
17:24The touch lamp; a neat idea, and older than you'd think!
27:36A record player that can play CDs: The Fisher DAC-145
11:12The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!
The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!wyświetleń 852K10 miesięcy temu
27:03Personal "air conditioners" aren't what they seem
Personal "air conditioners" aren't what they seemwyświetleń 1,3M10 miesięcy temu
9:32Cassette adapters are remarkably simple
Cassette adapters are remarkably simplewyświetleń 1,2M10 miesięcy temu
27:55Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!
Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!wyświetleń 888K11 miesięcy temu
24:26The US electrical system is not 120V
The US electrical system is not 120Vwyświetleń 1,5M11 miesięcy temu
12:45Pulse Oximeters; An Amazing Use of Light
17:48Fans; High is next to Off on purpose
20:27DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?
DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?wyświetleń 1,1MRok temu


  • Boosting engagement!!!

  • 1:04 The video instantly transformed into a Doug DeMuro video.

  • PPE when using a meter on 120/240v, put your gloves on, this is not electroboom!

  • I bought a myth busters disc from a gas station on a trip I threw it behind my desk after we got home and found it 10 years later when I moved.

  • 15A X 120V = 1875W. Ummmmm.......K. That's kind of like "wife plugging in the hair dryer and space heater" math.

  • 11:21 I've seen the Trinitron video. Did you ever get to those competitors to Trinitron?

  • Here in Norway we're now building most new homes with 400V which allows for more fun such as really fast AC home charging of EVs

  • thank for the illumination

  • Just wanted to say I love your channel and your personality. Thanks for making these videos.

  • Most useless info I ever wasted minutes of my life on, but this dude makes it where you can’t stop watching 😂

  • i stopped listening for around 30 seconds, because i was just so interested in your t-shirt went back and rewatched the whole video to make sure i didn't miss anything seeing as it wasn't the first time i stopped to stare

  • My EU dishwasher wants to thank you. I was about to replace it. But after dropping detergent pack. It now cleans propertly!

  • BTW to completely blow everyones mind. That notch in the VHS cassette.... it was actually already there in the predecessor to Beta, U-Matic. BTW you should do a Video on "Video 8", a system that is quite unlike VHS and Beta. For example it doesn't have a control track and therefore no tracking controls. Sony actually licensed technology from Grundig and Philips used on their "Video 2000" consumer grade video tape format. "Video 2000" was meant to be familiar for users of compact cassettes. For example types would have 2 sides and you would flip them over. Each side could hold up to 4 hours in single play mode, or 8 hours on long play mode, giving you a total of 8 or 16 hours per tape. (though long play mode was rare) Since noise bars during fast forward or reverse would confuse the consumer and cause them to return the recorders, they avoided those by using their tracking mechanism to still follow the sped up tape. This was simply done by putting the heads on piezo elements. Back in the day, your typical Video 2000 VCR would cost around 3000 DM when even a simple U-Matic VCR would cost 8000 DM. Unfortunately build quality of the Grundig ones was abysmally bad, with plastic housings of internal connectors breaking off sending the drive into a self destructing rampage.

  • Might be objectively superior for performance in every way but it looks a hell of a lot worse

  • This channel is dope, I am so glad i found you!

  • So, increase building costs rather than just mandate better electrical extensions...?

  • 4:32 If you microwave your bacon, you deserve the fiery hell of faulty electricity you got going on.

  • English speakers from a UK country telling us how to pronounce Beta just because they invented the language could stand to learn something from Beta vs VHS. You may have invented the language but it's all about who perfected it. And we in America CLEARLY perfected it. Who the hell writes RE on words that are clearly pronounced ER anyways? Just one of many fine examples of how the English have failed at... English.

  • 1:08 that "hi" warmed my soul

  • Heat rises and the intake vents on that portable ac are in the cold air sweet spot! Wasteful! I run a 3100 cfm evap/swamp cooler on solar. When it gets extra hot or monsoon season I have a small window AC I can run off the solar also.

  • he looks like drake from drake and the 99 dragons lmfao

  • I agree, 'safer' means not safe but not as dangerous as the other. The speeding by moonlight is a great example of that usage. Back in the early winter (like, Nov 2020), I wanted to use an extension cord to power a heater in my car for when I was on shift working night security. (Rather than burn gas.) My sister got all panicked that the heater would burst into flames because it was plugged into an extension cord. So, I did research and found out that I just needed thicker wire extension cord... so I got myself a 12 gauge cord and strung it through my car so I can pop the trunk and pull it out to plug it in to a wall outlet. I then decided to be picky about the cord diameter when getting extension cords... haven't needed to get any since then, but I will be picky. This video reassured me, and gave me more information so I can better know what I'm doing. Thank you.

  • You know, not to sound like a hippie or preachy, but if this took off it would probably mean more junk and that's no good Edit: oh what do you know, environmental groups thought the same

  • Over here in Germany every extensión cord is usually rated as high as the maximum circuit breaker installed. But yet they are only 1,5mm² but back when I was an electrician I learnt you use 2,5mm² wiring for sockets (and 1,5mm² for lights). Which never made sense to me. Why can the extension cord be so much thinner? For the furniture I handcrafted myself I installed sockets with 2,5mm².

  • We wanted a window unit, but our lease specifies we aren't allowed window units

  • I really love the way you talk with your hands.

  • You know I got power bars everywhere in my house. I found a model at a local dollar store rated for 13 amps, I bought a bunch of them when I ripped one apart and discovered some weird things. The wiring is actually up for 20 amps. The switch trips at 13 amps. The fuse in it, yeah it's got a redundant fuse, is 15 amps. It's stupidly well engineered from a safety standpoint. I almost wish the switch was 15 and the fuse 17.

  • Drip French roast the night before. Put it in he refrigerator for my morning joe. It’s the only way I’ve learned to enjoy black coffee. Before it was always with heavy cream added. (Overindulgence on that).

  • I would love to have one of those window sir conditioners but my house here in Ireland has windows that open outwards. My biggest problems with the portable air conditioner is they're very very loud and the hose behind them gets hot making the thermostat work harder than it should and it puts heat into the room. I put towels over the hose to reduce the heat coming from the hose.

  • It was really bad before the third taillight. I had an already then old Chevy Malibu wagon when I lived in the US some decades ago. With the headlights on, the only indication that I was braking or turning was a slight intensity difference in the red lights.

  • The twelve volt automotive electrical system is one of the safest electrical there is. and it's a system that I understand very well. the Chevy Volt was a huge flop Tesla has the best charging system's a the best charging infrastructure available. but little good it will do them with their multitude of battery issues.

  • Also.. you store stuff in your window well?

  • “Food netflix”

  • Bought house with previous owner's top freezer fridge, not self defrosting. Terrible fridge. I was replaced with the fridge I still own, self defrosting. That feature failed suddenly about 10yrs go. Being a DYI guy, I opened up the freezer compartment, and found the defrost thermostat itself had water intrusion, and ruptured because water expands when it freezes. I didn't know if the problem was that thermostat or the heating element in the condenser compartment, so I bought both parts. Quick fix, and this fridge has been a solid performer since. My Haier top lid chest freezer suddenly failed. It lives in the garage, and who drives anywhere these COVID days? We didn't notice it failed until a week had passed, and lost the entire lot of frozen food. Smelled like death. Darn front panel lights were on, so it looked like it was working. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistor failed. Too bad no "high temperature alarm" is built into these freezers. Darn $5 part cost us a couple hundred dollars in lost frozen food! I didn't realize the door suck when closing phenomena was a thing. That may explain the comments for the replacement freezer we bought that often said "top lid is difficult to open". Hmm... suppose if it is hot outside, opening the lid may be more difficult.

  • 14:24 when I try to explain to my wife why I bought ANOTHER guitar

  • Your electricity safety in the USA isn't like UK, we are such a h&s country we ban anything if it's risky but not cigarettes and alcohol there fine lol. I don't get your consumer units UK much be fire resistant and we use rcbo's for each circuit if it's new build or at least rcbs.

  • I am always amazed at how power supply is implemented in North America. I am an electrician myself and I would like to show how it is done in Europe. Here is a photo of a typical fuse box in Central Europe (my fuse box): As you can see, the stuff is numbered. 1: Is the GFCI ( It is for the whole house/apartment. It has 3 phases ( at 400V it can take up to 40A but the pre-counter fuse is 25A. So 17,320 watts for the whole house/apartment is available. 2: Is for the electric stove. The electrice stove can take up to 3x400V at 16 amps, so about 11kW of power. But it usually doesn't take that much. It's just the wiring, that can handle it. 3-12: Are the circuit breakers (in german "Leitungsschutzschalter" - word to word translation would be "power line protection switch"). Usually there are two circuit breakers for each room. one for lights and one for sockets. these circuits are separate. but it doesn't have to be that way. I you have any questions, kindly ask.

  • I had a feeling he was going to go liberal treehugger mode on us and he didn’t disappoint! Still an informative video

  • The great Carl Sagan believed in solar sails heavily. he was one of the greatest scientific mind's of all time no doubt. I bet halogen lights would really make that radiometer spin.

  • I have all the air conditioners here. I like the window unit and mini split the most. The portable is the suckiest. Also have a double hose portable. The intake was missing tho. My 18000btu mini split can near cool the whole house. The 14000 btu double hose portable can barely cool the room it is in. the 8000 btu window unit can cool whatever room the window is in. Also 14000 btu portable can knock out the electrical circuit for the room.

  • GREAT VIDEO- color is SO hard to understand- I work in printing- deal with it everyday- you did a GREAT job

  • lemme guess that shit could go brRRR and you gotta shut it off quick rightt edit: sorry

  • When he has an extension cord im currently using

  • I still have fair number of CFLs around, I noticed that the smaller one's seemed to have a shorter lifespan. I still have one pretty good sized one that's in a clamp on fixture. that I can point where I want it. for those pesky situations where I really need to really see what I'm doing. and it really puts off some light. but that's more of a factor that my eyesight is going out the window. especially for when I want to see things up close. that particular CFL is extremely bright and I'm going to miss it when it gives up the ghost. something else that I noticed, I was watching a guy with a florescent drop light one day. and I thought about how durable it was and I wondered what if a person put a CFL in a drop light cord. and I thought that it wouldn't work very good because they are pretty delicately made with all the curly Qs. but I tried it and I was surprised it worked pretty good. as long as a person can keep the guard from touching it. even better than a ruff service incandescent. I've only had one quit working, and that's because I dropped it from a pretty good distance from the ground. and of course the guard broke it otherwise they are pretty durable no doubt.

  • funny thing i actully sells printers at staples and take it very seriously to know the subtle differences between my printers but i never knew that there was led printers

  • I almost got a smaller windonbut got a bigger portable....

  • SELL THE 1080 TI !!!1!11

  • Ooh, I have an idea. Paint black sides of vanes in Vantablack: Paint white sides of vanes in Barium Sulfate Paint (BaSO4): Watch radiometer fly apart violently. xD

  • my 90 year grandma cooks rice every day, You are lost my friend.

  • Copy the brits !? What's next drive in the left side? Use the metric system?

  • The only thing a leaf blower is used for is blowing leaves, and "dusting" when the wife is not home.

  • omg I loved your doug "THIS"

  • One would be amazed to find out how much a traffic light cost is staggering! "People are stupid" How true! The 2016 election comes to mind, not to mention the next four years!! Your report would be complete if you told how much a new traffic light cost! That is probably why the old lights are not replaced with the new models! Like so many things, the cost of the new offsets the cost of energy savings!

  • This is such a good channel. Really interesting!!

  • I more or less do the same thing minus the dock. Few more cables to plug in but I'm only rarely going mobile. use the laptop as a desktop replacement and have enough ports to get away with it. Main thing that wouldnt work for me with a dock is the power. its a higher powered gameing laptop and requires more power than TB3 power delivery will cover and get bad throtteling if I dont have the power brick pluged in.

  • Excellent report, thanks.

  • 1,000 people are Electroboom fanatics. As always great video and explanations people can understand, hat’s off to you for spreading awareness. You can daisy chain as many surge strips as you want, as long as the total amperage drawn of the devices plugged is not higher than the strip in the chain with the lowest amperage rating.

  • I love radiometers and had several as a child. You explanation is correct but too lengthy. Stay on topic.

  • I am once again watching the Technology Connections video on brown generated by RGB

  • I worked in photoshop for many years, cyan magenta and green… very difficult to explain additive vs subtractive color theory… brown is a great demonstration. You are awesome!

  • God i love this man's sense of humor.. LMFAO... , well, editing skills too..

  • Does this one guilt you with climate change?

  • My landlord put one of these in my place for a month while his contractor fumbled around for a month. Believe me, I don't like them!

  • I've seen way too many instances where someone replaces a 1A fuse with a 17A fuse. Otherwise the fuse idea would be great!

  • I have to share that i know somebody who ran a microwave, tv and coffee maker off of an extension cord run outside over 100ft to inside on a extentsion cord with a circuit breaker, the house never burnt down but the microwave was at least 1/2 as strong. This was for about a year, through the 100 summer and even the texas freeze.

  • I imagine this information can be transferred directly to a camper, substituting a solar panel for the slow charger. Thumb up.

  • Somebody needs to tell the King of Random to try to start a fire with extension cords.

  • Are you describing a turbo encabulator?

  • aluminum wires on houses in the 70s ? are they dangerous?

  • My nigga you made refrigerant knowledge interesting as fuck. Bravo.

  • 11:09 that looked like he was running x11 for a second

  • The acorn ):

  • bricks

  • DVD rw ram

  • Big fan of the passive agressive road rage

  • Dude, if you wired that panel, bravo! I'd love to do work on a house with a panel wired like that. I'm an electrician in a small town in Tennessee and oh my gosh you should see some of the panels I've run into doing service/renovation work! No joke, 3 of the houses I've done renovation work on had fires started by the wiring some genius had done however long ago, and I can't tell you how many houses here actually still have knob and tube wiring in them. All the rest have asbestos wire, and almost none have a dedicated ground! I don't understand this state🙄 The only thing I'd recommend is not zip-tying all your lines coming out. It's honestly kind of a nit-pick, but there's a physical property of wires running next to each other (the name escapes me now) that will sometimes cause cross-talk. Again, that's reeeaaallly nit-picky, but you seem like the kind of guy who would be interested 😁

  • There are portable AC units (and window) that use a technology called "dual inverter" or inverter which uses a DC motor and ramps down quite a bit. These also have a SLEEP feature you can actually fall asleep too. The newer DANBY units have this tech and LG has a 14000 unit (LP1419IVSM) that is under 48db.

  • So I bought a new Friedrich 10,000 btu portable AC. After installing it I realized that it wasn’t cooling the room as much as it should when I realized on the device itself it says cooling capability of 6,000 btu. So when I called the company because I thought I got ripped off from where I bought it they told me that 10,000 and 6,000 btu’s are the same thing.

  • Funnily enough I've just encountered retroreflectors in a place where I never expected them. They seem to be a new nail art trend!

  • 2:55, they are also there to prevent the upstream utility transformer fuse from blowing for a fault on a customer secondary system.