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9:36Analog Hygrometers - how?
Analog Hygrometers - how?wyświetleń 278K8 dni temu
18:28These digital clocks aren't digital at all
These digital clocks aren't digital at allwyświetleń 531K22 dni temu
23:21In Defense of the CFL: A Retrospective
In Defense of the CFL: A Retrospectivewyświetleń 574KMiesiąc temu
35:15Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heating
Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heatingwyświetleń 1,1M2 miesięcy temu
21:12The GeoSafari Jr. was a cleverly flexible kid's game
18:25Reusable handwarmers that get hot by freezing
Reusable handwarmers that get hot by freezingwyświetleń 1M3 miesięcy temu
28:34Humidifiers: Simpler is better?
Humidifiers: Simpler is better?wyświetleń 688K3 miesięcy temu
8:01Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?
Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?wyświetleń 414K5 miesięcy temu
24:16What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?
What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?wyświetleń 1M5 miesięcy temu
14:21The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours
22:05Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and How
Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and Howwyświetleń 658K6 miesięcy temu
17:24The touch lamp; a neat idea, and older than you'd think!
27:36A record player that can play CDs: The Fisher DAC-145
11:12The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!
The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!wyświetleń 835K9 miesięcy temu
27:03Personal "air conditioners" aren't what they seem
Personal "air conditioners" aren't what they seemwyświetleń 1,2M9 miesięcy temu
9:32Cassette adapters are remarkably simple
Cassette adapters are remarkably simplewyświetleń 1,2M9 miesięcy temu
27:55Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!
Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!wyświetleń 867K10 miesięcy temu
24:26The US electrical system is not 120V
The US electrical system is not 120Vwyświetleń 1,4M10 miesięcy temu
12:45Pulse Oximeters; An Amazing Use of Light
Pulse Oximeters; An Amazing Use of Lightwyświetleń 581K11 miesięcy temu
17:48Fans; High is next to Off on purpose
Fans; High is next to Off on purposewyświetleń 1,9M11 miesięcy temu
20:27DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?
DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?wyświetleń 1,1MRok temu
24:58Coffee Percolators: An Explanation and Roast


  • What format does it store the text in. CR, CRLF, or LF

  • "It's crate."

  • 0:56 that actually got me! I immediatly thought what i knew of these was a lie and i was about to be schooled! hahaha

  • Indicator lights... Imperial system... Whats next?

  • Excellent! Motors such as the shaded pole are not at all easy to explain so great work!

  • I've unsubbed from wrenglestar for making fun of the metric system. I'm not saying you guys should embrace it but don't say imperial it's better at least.

  • 3:14

  • could this be done in a USB-to-floppy-disk format? it's still a digital signal going to magnetic film, but idk how the read heads in a floppy drive work. I'm just visualizing the same basic structure but instead of an audio jack it's a female USB cable where you can plug a thumb drive. cuz you know transferring data to 25 year old win95 laptops or ancient computers is such a common task today with no other solutions, /s. (the drivers would never make sense of the filesystem would they, oh well it's an amusing mental image. I still think some "fungineering" youtube channel should try for the lulz though).

  • Fun fact: The email address format is applicable to any [email protected] thing, like ssh or ftp!

  • Automatic headlights isn’t a solution. French have the talent to turn off the automatic headlights on cars (that aren’t sold without it) to same money on gas and use their phones on their ear (hands free bluetooth systems are mandatory thus not an option) to make calls. You can’t fix stupidity.

  • Many years ago took my family on a Sunday, to visit a friend of ours,they had a lava lamp in the living room,my son was enthralled looking at it,curiosity got the best of him,he decided to pick it up.Not realizing it was hot he dropped it on the floor smashing the bottle open,I tried cleaning it up as best I could,the stain never came out completely.On subsequent visits the stain on the rug reminded me of that day.

  • Turn signal shmern signal I'm on the phone!

  • Even in Germany til the end of the 1960 red turn signals were in use, only the combined use of break light and turn signal were not allowed. F.e. the gullwing 300sl or the early vw beetle....

  • Yes, and adding a yellow light looks better

  • In Europe, Audi’s use dynamic amber turn signal. The usa versions have reflectors and red turn signal. I personally prefer the dynamic amber turn signal.

  • I think it would be more funny for the alarm to go off 5 minutes early. Can you imagine the irritation of having a few minutes of sleep pointlessly robbed from you. Even better if after exiting the loop it wakes him up even earlier but causes him to be overjoyed.

  • I prefer the look of red indicators, amber lamps look crap in my opinion!

  • Definitely taking my next vacation to the 11th Nashville. I hear it's great this time of year

  • Ok but what I want to know is how they pin a particular length to a percentage of humidity. I expect a 4 part video series shortly.

  • Advice for the curious: fly southwest through Hobby and then head over to Bush to check this out


  • The sad thing, is even if all light function correctly, people are to stupid to use them.

  • Morons, we’re surrounded by morons.

  • I have one and it works well. You are just too green with jealousy. You are bad

  • Man it’s 60 degrees in your basement?? And I thought *I* preferred cooler temperatures....

  • I still can't get over the fact that the green screen looks so ... real!

  • Nice try, but now I just have to laugh at your weenie power grid with reference to 3 phase 220-240v. [forcelightning.gif]

  • I caught that 4:20 references

  • I used these in the later years of burnable media. Really cool to put images on my own disks.

  • Interesting cuz I’ve been driving for only like 4 years but I’ve never seen a stop light with a dead bulb

  • Do you guys not have split systems where the cooling part is celing mounted. I dont think ive ever seen a window unit where i live

    • The majority of homes have split systems. The portable / window units are popular where you can't install a permanent solution or if main system is broken and the AC techs are backlogged for 2 weeks because it is HOT out.

  • I have to say that I was absolutely sure those black slots in the tail lights were turn signals lol. It would be awesome looking if they were.

  • All the heat i need is in my gaming pc

  • I loved these things, but my taste in colour temperature had me using a twin 48" T12 fixture as my bedroom lighting, so I'm not a good indicator. Stupid fact: we didn't call them CFLs in Canada as much, because we have a silly football league here - the Canadian Football League - which already has that short form.

  • You live in Illinois. Who has the contract for the lights and maintenance and lights? What are their political connections? Engineering is the reason for political decisions.

  • Many good points. Safety is important and many people don't care enough about that topic. The one thing I disagree with is auto headlights/DRLs. I love the ability to turn off every light on my vehicle if I chose but lots of cars can't turn off DRLs now adays. I do see where that's a problem for clueless people

  • I have 3 clocks in my kitchen, and I'm starting to think opaque tape might end up being my solution for not seeing different times on them occasionally.

  • After xxx counterclockwise returns, the top part came off. Luckily watching this video at 1:46, I turned it upside down to expose the threads to screw it back on and tighten it.

  • This is how I daily use my MacBook Pro. I have an external graphics unit that connects to my 15" MacBook Pro which powers 2 monitors. My eGPU can't quite put out enough power to charge the MBP too so I just hook up the charger and a hub and get to work. It's actually more performant than my desktop for most things but my desktop is quite dated by now.

  • Why do dishwasher jets suck at scrubbing? When compared to a brush.

  • Love BIG CLIVE....but he's super low budget :-) Dollar (pound) Store reviews

  • 6:52 when major attention to oneself can be achieved regardless of the presence of a horn, or not.

  • Hondas and mazdas besides some of their SUV lines all have amber turn signals and thats why i like them

  • I recently bought a Fuji XT4 and the body layout is very similar to that old Canon. I love using cameras with tactile buttons and dials on them so it's part of the reason why I was gravitated to it.

  • How is it that I watched this 6 months ago, and am rewatching now with almost as much enjoyment as last time?

  • In my opinion, one of the greatest benefits of seeing a film shot on celluloid in a digital medium like a 4K disc or digital projector is that when the film is scanned from the original negative, all the grain one sees is what originated on the negative. When a film is projected on celluloid, additional grain is introduced, even if the print is a second generation away from the negative. So ironically, when a filmmaker like Tarantino champions that his films should be seen on celluloid, digital projection can in some ways represent more accurately what the negative captured. One advantage celluloid has had over digital projection for a long time is in contrast and resolution. But with 4K laser projectors I think that advantage will slowly disappear. Especially considering that 99.99% of all movies shot on celluloid today are finished using a Digital intermediate. Which means that even if celluloid prints are being made, they will be struck from that DI and be limited to the resolution of the DI, which most likely will be lower than the resolution of the film print. If you then add on the extra grain and softness that get introduced from the print I think that a film that was shot on celluloid and then receives a 4K DI will look better on a 4K laser projector than on a film print. But I do believe celluloid has the advantage when it comes to older movies that were finished photochemicly and shoot on large formats like 65mm and VistaVision. Because then the true resolution of film is being taken advantage of (as long as the print doesn't come from a digital restoration of that movie, even 2001 a space odysseys 8K restoration probably don't take full advantage of a 65mm print, but digital restorations has of course other benefits, like damage removal.) After the introduction of the Digital intermediate the full potential celluloid has been lost when it comes to resolution, but has also given the filmmaker more freedom with color grading and special effects. I look forward to the day when 8K,10K,12k DIs are the norm.

  • Not quite true, depending on registration, you are allowed to drive us-cars with red turn signals, mostly oldtimers, at least in germany

  • They are called blinkers... Cause they go blink blink!

  • aha, the bimetal wire works only in F scale, explains why we have electronic versions in Czech to get C scale

  • White you're at it, cars need to quit using backup lights as courtesy lights. I can never tell if I'm about to get backed into or the driver just walked away.

  • Had one in my condo for 4 yrs!...absolutely loved it!

  • Why don't you use a real unit of measurement like barrels?

  • Who the fxxk thought this was a good idea. Now I wonder why rest of the world makes fun of USA.

  • -me who feathers the brake- *hazard lights on*

  • Mustang has 3 lights telling you which way it’s trying to go. This dude: OMG what does it mean?

  • I have one and do not find any of this to be true.

    • What part of this? I used to live in a 100 year old walk up. The window units worked so much better than the portable ones. We eventually put in mini splits.

  • 13:58 - that's why i love this channel soooooooooo much! )

  • And then there are ppl with 4 different color receptors, try to imagine that lol

  • NO! Don't do simple! People have gotten complacently lazy! Next thing you know they wanna know how they can be certain, there is no one behind the mirror!

  • The indicators for my car are activated on a steering wheel and works like a motorbike, took me a while to get used to

  • I have one of those I got it from my grandpa when he passed away

  • I had a small touch lamp until it broke

  • I'll admit that LED lights are my go-to today, but I loved CFL bulbs and installed them everywhere I could when I moved to a new place. They kicked ass.

  • This website I found lol

  • That sudden chinese jumpscared me SO HARD I thought I accidentally switched to another video.

  • However, it has no malware virus

  • It's good hybrid typewriter

  • Anyone know the brand of the clock that's sitting on the rubix cube and at the end is directly on Alec's right.

  • Iv never really seen this as a problem. When I drive and im in that autopilot tunnel vision state of mind its never concussed me or made me think about what's happening but that's just me ig

  • I see you use a gel for the prewash routine. Can you also use powder detergent for the prewash?

  • -2 F is stupidly cold? Laughs in Minnesotan.

  • Ever heard of a Bialetti? Stay in your lane tech boy...

  • Even now blu ray and dvd players are being phased out just like every thing else before it due to digital media platforms and built in tv films platforms with netflix etc

  • Can't you adjust for the 1.5 volt battery by raising the ISO one stop? Because the 1.5 volt battery causes the light meter to be more sensitive, wouldn't it fix the problem too just increase the ISO? (Side note: I use the light meter in my Minolta SRT 101 with a 1.5 volt battery and have not had an issue with exposures. As long as I follow the needle, my exposure seems to be proper.)

  • Wtf

  • I have been wondering why the portable AC units started to list two different BTU measurements. Thank you algorithm for suggesting this to me, and thank you for making a video on this topic!

  • TC: "-10 is really cold, like dangerously cold" Me: laughs in Minnesotan.

  • Why not just do pod packs in the primary compartment and detergent in the prewash compartment?

  • It's ok, simple is relative right?